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Our marketing workshops look at some of the fundamental areas of marketing. We explore things such as consumer behaviour and the decision-making process customers go through when purchasing products, how technology is shaping marketing, and a deep dive into understanding what branding really is.

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Our Workshops

Understanding the Market and Customers

This session introduces the Decision Making Process we 'travel' through as consumers when purchasing a product. Through directed research around our own consumer behaviour, we look to bring this theory to life and better understand the marketing we are exposed to.

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Workshop in a Box

Workshop in a Box

The Age of Agile Marketing

We are living in an age where all prospects and customers are connected through digital networks, marketing is everywhere - fast marketing trends, digital marketing technologies, agile marketing communications. This workshop uses real businesses examples to explain what matters in the age of agile marketing. The aim of the workshop also places a premium on marketing communication, collaboration, and inspires future digital marketers to be open to discover, develop and deliver essential and desirable marketing skills to adapt changes in the dynamic business environment.

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Understanding Branding

How do consumers form their ideas and perceptions on a brand? In this workshop we will see the behind the scenes of branding to understand the different activities that organisations carry out for creating and managing a brand.

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Workshop in a Box

Hear from Our Students

We asked our students to tell us about their journey and experience studying at university, hear their stories below.

Connor's Journey

Hear from Connor, an Advertising and Marketing student at Lincoln International Business School, who shares his journey studying at university so far.

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