Pre-sessional English and Academic Study Skills Courses

Pre-sessional English and academic study skills course

Developing Your English Language and Academic Study Skills

Studying in a different country and a different language can be challenging, especially if the teaching and assessment style is different to that of your own country. To help you prepare for your studies at the University of Lincoln, our Pre-sessional English and Academic Study Skills (PEASS) courses are designed to help you develop a wide range of essential skills.

Our PEASS courses, which take place during the summer and winter, are designed for students who do not meet the University’s English language requirements. The courses are also helpful for students who have already met our English language requirements but would like to learn more about the academic environment at a UK university before starting their undergraduate or postgraduate degree studies.

PEASS courses will not only teach you English for Academic Purposes but also prepare you for study at your course in Lincoln. The course includes work on all four skills needed for studying at a UK university (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and an introduction to British culture and the University of Lincoln. You will be taught in small groups by a team of highly experienced tutors, and you will have a chance to work alongside other students from other countries.

Currently, we offer online courses (where you study from your home) and courses run on-campus.

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100% Pass Rate*

*All all of our summer 2021 PEASS students successfully passed.

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The PEASS programme provides you with special skills that can really help you in your university life. My advice is that if you are concerned about your English skills, then this is a great course to take. On top of this, you will make friends with other international students as well, which helps you settle in to life before you start your chosen programme.

Panalee Chuenjaichanok, former PEASS student

Course Content

The University of Lincoln’s Pre-sessional English and Academic Study Skills (PEASS) courses are designed to help international students:

  • Meet the English language requirements for their undergraduate or postgraduate degree course
  • Use academic English effectively in speech and writing
  • Develop essential academic English skills, including presentation and seminar techniques, essay writing skills and using sources
  • Become familiar with the academic culture of a UK University

Support and advice will also be provided in areas such as applying for your visa, visa extensions, and accommodation options to enable students to progress onto their undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme, following successful completion of the PEASS course.


What You Can Expect from Your Course

  • Daily sessions in small classes (max 14 students per tutor)
  • Breakout tasks within your class
  • Weekly topic packs, which will include authentic academic reading texts, audio recordings, mini-lectures, and worksheets. These are for independent study and will also form the basis of your continuous assessments.
  • Weekly materials for independent private study, including relevant vocabulary and grammar points, key skills, sample essays and presentations in a range of formats, including presentation slides, videos, and worksheets.
  • A weekly 30-minute one-to-one tutorial with your tutor
  • Personalised support and written feedback on a weekly basis during your one-to-one tutorial, including advice on continuous assessment elements such as timed writings, essay drafts, listening tasks, reading comprehension exercises, presentation practice, as well as participation in seminars and student chat forums.
  • Learn about life in the UK. With guidance, you will research and present some learning content on a specific aspect of British culture. This could take the form of a video, virtual tour, or quiz.


How You Are Assessed

On both online and on-campus PEASS courses, you will be evaluated according to two general components: 

  1. Participation: Every week you will have the opportunity to achieve marks for your active participation both in class as well as during independent study (including interaction on discussion forums, group work, and all other weekly assignments that must be completed).
  2. E-Portfolio: In addition to ongoing participation, you will also be required to create a final e-portfolio including both written work as well as recordings of individual presentations and group discussions. The main purpose of this portfolio is to show that you have made satisfactory progress on the course.

Your e-portfolio will consist of:

  • A fully researched essay on an assigned academic topic
  • A reflective presentation
  • A brief preliminary presentation on one of the topics covered in class
  • Timed writing tasks (on the topics included in your weekly topic pack)
  • Small group seminar discussions (on the topics included in your weekly topic pack)


Winter PEASS Scholarship

If you successfully pass the 5-week or 10-week winter PEASS programme, you will receive a PEASS Scholarship. You must have already paid the PEASS course fee, which will then be deducted from your degree tuition fee for the February 2022 intake.

To qualify for a PEASS Scholarship you must:

  • Successfully pass the 5-week or 10-week winter PEASS programme
  • Successfully progress onto a University of Lincoln degree in February 2022

To help support students during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our summer and winter Pre-sessional English and Academic Study Skills (PEASS) courses can be studied online. You can join the online course from your home country. Please apply as soon as possible using our online application form by clicking on the 'Apply Online' button near the top of this page

  • You do not need a visa for the online course (if you study in your country)
  • You do not need to hold a UKVI Secure English Language Test (SELT), but you must have a University of Lincoln approved English Language Test. Accepted tests include LanguageCert, Duolingo, IELTS Indicator, TOEFL iBT at Home, and PTE Academic.
  • Students undertaking online PEASS courses are required to virtually attend live sessions at set times, as well as complete self-study tasks throughout the week.
  • To successfully study on this course, you will need a quiet space for study, a laptop or a desktop computer, and a good internet connection.


Online PEASS Course Dates and Fees

Online PEASS courseStartEndFeesApplication deadline
Summer 2022: 10 weeks Monday 27 June 2022 Friday 2 September 2022 £3,300 Friday 10 June 2022
Summer 2022: 5 weeks Monday 1 August 2022 Friday 2 September 2022 £1,650 Friday 15 July 2022

Entry requirements for programmes requiring IELTS 6.0 overall with a minimum of 5.5 in each element

 Accepted English qualifications10 Weeks PEASS online5 Weeks PEASS online
IELTS   5.0/4.5 5.5/5.0
IELTS indicator  5.0/4.5 5.5/5.0 
TOEFL iBT 45 (R7, L6, S14, W15) 59 (R12, L11, S17, W18)
TOEFL iBT at Home Same as TOEFL iBT Same as TOEFL iBT
PTE Academic 42/36 50/42
LanguageCert ESOL SELT B1 Pass B1 High Pass
LanguageCert online B1 Pass B1 High Pass
Password 5.0/4.5 5.5/5.0
Duolingo 80 (with no subscore below 70) 90 (with no subscore below 80)

Entry requirements for programmes requiring IELTS 6.5 overall with a minimum of 6.0 in each element

Accepted English qualifications10 Weeks PEASS online5 Weeks PEASS online
IELTS   5.5/5.0 6.0/5.5
IELTS indicator  5.5/5.0 6.0/5.5
TOEFL iBT 59 (R12, L11, S17, W18) 79 (R18, L17, S20, W20)
TOEFL iBT at Home Same as TOEFL iBT Same as TOEFL iBT
PTE Academic 50/42 58/51
LanguageCert ESOL SELT B1 High Pass B2 Pass
LanguageCert online B1 High Pass B2 Pass
Password 5.5/5.0 6.0/5.5
Duolingo 90 (with no subscore below 80)
100 (with no subscore below 90)

Our on-campus PEASS courses take place on our Brayford Pool campus. We have courses that last for 5 weeks or 10 weeks. If you would like to join one of our PEASS courses, please apply as soon as possible using our online application form by clicking on the 'Apply Online' button near the top of this page

On-campus PEASS Course Dates and Fees

On-campus PEASS CourseLast Quarantine ArrivalStartEndFeesPEASS Application DeadlineCAS Request Deadline
Winter 2021: 5 weeks Wednesday 5 January 2022* Monday 10 January 2022 Friday 11 February 2022 £1,650 Monday 29 November 2021 Monday 6 December 2021
Summer 2022: 10 weeks TBC Monday 18 July 2022 Friday 23 September 2022 £3,300 TBC TBC
Summer 2022: 5 weeks TBC Monday 22 August 2022 Friday 23 September 2022 £1,650 TBC TBC

*Students must plan to be in Lincoln and in the classroom for the first day of teaching on Monday 10 January 2022. However, to assist students who are required to quarantine on arrival in the UK, the first week of the PEASS on campus 5-week course will also be made available online. This online delivery will only be for students who are unable to attend in person during the first week due to quarantine. We hope that this will further support students by enabling them to fly immediately after the New Year.  All students must have arrived in the UK no later than Wednesday 5 January 2022. On completing quarantine all students will join the main course delivery on campus.  Students must keep themselves updated with current UK Government travel restrictions here:

CAS request deadlines shown are for standard visa applications. Please note that the deadlines may be subject to change, and are dependent on visa processing turnaround times and any special measures that may be in place as a result of Covid-19.

Students applying for a PEASS course on campus require a UKVI Secure English Language Test (SELT) with the grades as below: 

TestCourse Requirement 10-week PEASS5-week PEASS
IELTS Academic UKVI IELTS 6.0 (min. 5.5) IELTS 5.0 (min. 4.5) IELTS 5.5 (min. 5.0)
IELTS Academic UKVI IELTS 6.5 (min. 6.0) IELTS 5.5 (min. 5.0) IELTS 6.0 (min. 5.5)
LanguageCert ESOL SELT   B2 Pass B1 High Pass
Pearson PTE Academic UKVI   50/42 58/51




We offer PEASS students the opportunity to rent on-campus, self-catering accommodation for the duration of their course. Students can benefit from full access to University facilities during this time, including the Library and on-campus Sports Centre. Our accommodation is within walking distance of your classes and all local amenities, such as supermarkets. Apartments and rooms include weekly visits to undertake cleaning of all common areas, rooms, and bathrooms. 

Whatever your start date, please email if you require further information.

On-campus PEASS CourseAccommodation FeesMove In DateMove Out Date
Winter 2021: 5 weeks £685 Wednesday 5 January 2022* Sunday 13 February 2022

 *Students intending to arrive earlier should contact 

Applying for a PEASS Course

How do I apply for a PEASS course?

To be eligible for a PEASS course, you must already hold an offer to study with the University of Lincoln. To apply for a PEASS course you need to complete the PEASS application form (click the blue 'Apply Online' button at the top of the page). Providing that you meet the necessary entry requirements, we will send you an offer for the PEASS course as soon as possible.


I have an offer for my main course which is conditional on 'successful completion of the PEASS course'.  What does this mean?

This means that you have met all the conditions your main course except the English language qualification. You are required to pass the PEASS course before you can progress onto your main course.


Applying for a Visa and Visa Extension

A Step by Step Guide: Applying for your CAS and Student VISA


What do I need to apply for my visa?

You will need a Certificate of Acceptance of Study (CAS) to be able to apply for a visa. There are two different types of CAS available:

1.  CAS for PEASS plus main course

2.  CAS for PEASS only


CAS for PEASS plus main course

You can receive a CAS for PEASS plus main course if:

- Your offer for the main course is unconditional and you are taking PEASS as an introduction to UK study skills


- English is the only outstanding condition of your main course offer AND you currently have B1 in one or more element(s) of IELTS. At the end of the PEASS course, you must have progressed to at least B2 in all 4 elements to be able to progress onto the main course.


CAS for PEASS only

In all other cases, students must have a separate CAS for PEASS. Upon successful completion of the PEASS course and receipt of any outstanding documents, students will be issued with a new CAS for their main course.


How do I apply for an extension to my visa?

The University’s Advice Service has specialist advisors who will help you with your visa extension application whilst you are here at the University. The University’s Advice Service is based in the Student Support Centre and will be on hand to guide you through the process during the PEASS course.


How much will it cost to extend my visa?

Please go to the UKVI website for current costs


How long will it take?

Postal applications usually take 2-3 months to return from UKVI. This can be longer during peak times.

Please note that you must submit your visa application to UKVI before your current leave to remain expires, so that you do not become an overstayer. It does not affect your application if your leave expires while the UKVI are processing your application.

‘In person’ applications are decided on the day. If successful your residency permit will be sent to you a few days after your application has been processed. You do need to pre-book an appointment; at peak times the appointments can get booked up weeks in advance.

The University's Advice team will be on hand to guide you through the process during the PEASS course.



Is accommodation guaranteed for the PEASS course?

Yes, unless you tell us otherwise we will automatically reserve a place for you in our accommodation for the duration of the PEASS course and let you know when the booking system is open.


Do I have to stay in accommodation?

No, you do not have to stay in the on-campus accommodation. However, due to the intense teaching of the course we recommend that you do.


What is the accommodation like?

We provide modern, en-suite, self-catering accommodation on campus, with 24-hour security and access to University facilities, such as the Library and Sports Centre. The campus is in the centre of the city, so you do not need to use public transport to get to/from lessons.


Can I stay in the accommodation after I finish the PEASS course?

On-campus accommodation is guaranteed for the duration of the course only. The University has many different options for accommodation which you can choose to live in after you have finished the PEASS course, including on-campus. You will be advised of your different options during the PEASS course.


After the PEASS Course

Do I have to re-take the IELTS at the end of the course?

No, if you successfully pass the PEASS course you will have fulfilled your English language condition.


How do I progress onto my main course?

If you have a conditional offer for your main course, then you must successfully complete the PEASS programme in order to progress onto your main course.

If you already have an unconditional offer for your main course then you can progress onto your main course at the end of the PEASS programme.


What happens if I fail the course?

We will monitor your performance throughout the course and if we think that you need extra help to pass we will give you some advice about how to improve your English language. However, your success on the course depends upon how much work you put into it.

If you fail the course you will not have met the conditions of your main course and we will be unable to issue you with a CAS for your main course.


Can I continue to get help with my English after the PEASS course?

Yes. We strongly recommend that students continue to practice and improve their English language whilst studying in the UK. The English Language Centre (ELC) is a free support service for EU and international students studying at the University of Lincoln. We offer a wide range of support for international students including several courses each term and a one-to-one academic study skills service.

The English Language Centre team are available throughout the academic year, from Monday to Friday. Further details of our service can be found on the In-sessional Support page.