Great Lives

Great Lives Lecture Series

The University of Lincoln regularly welcomes high-profile individuals from all over the world to speak at our prestigious Great Lives lecture series. Open to staff, students, and the general public, the series connects audiences with inspiring figures who are considered leaders in the worlds of business, sport, politics, science, and the arts.

Susan Greenfield Spotlight Great Lives

Susan Greenfield

Baroness Susan Greenfield is a neuroscientist, author, and broadcaster. She is a currently a Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University where she heads a multi-disciplinary research group exploring novel brain mechanisms linked to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Rory Underwood Spotlight Great Lives

Rory Underwood

Rory Underwood MBE is one of England’s sporting greats. During his career as a professional rugby player, he scored a remarkable 49 tries in 85 international matches for England, making him his country’s all-time leading try scorer. He also scored 134 tries for Leicester Tigers and toured with the British & Irish Lions in 1989 and 1993, before being awarded an MBE for Services to Sport in 1995.

Stewart Lee Spotlight Great Lives

Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee is a stand-up comedian, writer, and director. He has made appearances on several TV shows for the BBC and Channel 4, and has won several awards including ‘Best Male Television Comic’ and ‘Best Comedy Entertainment Programme’ for Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle at the 2011 British Comedy Awards.

Paul Boateng Spotlight Great Lives

Paul Boateng

A House of Lords peer and global development campaigner, Lord Paul Boateng became the first British person of African descent to serve as Cabinet Minister when he was appointed as Chief Secretary to the Treasury in 2002. He is currently Chairman of the English Speaking Union, an educational charity which works to give people the skills and confidence to articulate their ideas.

Suzanna Taverne Spotlight Great Lives

Suzanna Taverne

Suzanna Taverne has had a wide-ranging career spanning banking, education and media, across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. In her current role as a BBC Trustee, she oversees the Services Committee and is a member of the Value for Money Committee.

James Kakalios Spotlight Great Lives

Professor James Kakalios

Professor James Kakalios is a renowned US physicist, bestselling author, and dynamic storyteller who has advanced physics not only in terms of research but in world-wide outreach. His popular book, The Physics of Superheroes, has been translated into six languages, and he has been called upon by Hollywood directors as a consultant on superhero movies.

Bridget Kendall Spotlight Great Lives

Bridget Kendall

Bridget Kendall MBE is an English journalist who became one of the BBC’s most respected international correspondents over her career. Since 1998 she has held the senior role of BBC Diplomatic correspondent, reporting on and analysing major global crises and conflicts, and their impact on Britain and the wider world.

John Hurt Spotlight Great Lives

John Hurt

The late John Hurt was an actor whose screen and stage career spanned more than 50 years. He was regarded as one of Britain's finest actors and is well-known for his roles in films including Harry Potter, Alien, The Elephant Man, and V for Vendetta.

Martin Rees

Martin Rees

Lord Martin Rees is a leading astrophysicist as well as a senior figure in UK science. He has conducted influential theoretical work on subjects as diverse as black hole formation and extragalactic radio sources, and provided key evidence to contradict the Steady State theory of the evolution of the Universe.

Stephanie Shirley Spotlight Great Lives

Stephanie Shirley

Dame Stephanie Shirley is a successful IT entrepreneur turned ardent?philanthropist. Her charitable Shirley Foundation has made over £67m grants and initiated a number of projects that are pioneering by nature, strategic in impact, and significant in money terms.

Carl Djerassi spotlight Great Lives

Carl Djerassi

A prolific chemist, as well as a novelist, playwright, and poet, the late Professor Carl Djerassi made crucial contributions to the development of synthetic cortisone and the birth-control pill.

Charlotte Hogg Spotlight Great Lives

Charlotte Hogg

Charlotte Hogg is a management consultant and senior executive in financial services and central banking. She has held numerous high-profile positions, including Chief Operating Officer of the Bank of England, and is currently CEO of Visa’s European operations.

Carenza Lewis Spotlight Great Lives

Carenza Lewis

Professor Carenza Lewis is a British academic, archaeologist, and television presenter. She is Professor of Public Understanding of Research at the University of Lincoln, and became a familiar face on TV when she became a presenter of the Time Team series on Channel 4 in the early 1990s.

Nicholas Parsons Spotlight Great Lives

Nicholas Parsons

Nicholas Parsons was a well-known radio and television presenter and an actor who enjoyed a career spanning more than 70 years. He played many supporting roles in British films in the 1950s and 1960s before going on to host many shows including Sale of the Century and BBC Radio 4’s Just a Minute.

Scott Davidson Spotlight Great Lives

Scott Davidson

Professor Scott Davidson is an international legal scholar. He has taught international and European law at the Universities of Hull (UK) and Canterbury (New Zealand), and published a number of books and articles on the international law of human rights, the law of the sea, and European law. He was also Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Lincoln.

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