Our Research Institutes, Centres, and Groups

Bringing Together Research Expertise

Researchers at the University of Lincoln collaborate through a dynamic range of institutes, centres, and groups, which together form a rich, collegiate environment where research carried out by our academics, students, and partners is supported and nurtured.

Whether exploring major health challenges in rural settings, developing technological advancements in agriculture, addressing growing environmental concerns, or tackling social exclusion and inequality in contemporary society, these groups are hubs for pioneering new studies which bring together expertise from across the University and beyond.

Research Groups A-Z

Explore by subject area our range of innovative research groups at the University of Lincoln, which are conducting high-quality research and working across disciplinary boundaries.


Arts and Humanities for Health

(Re) Constructing Musics

Collaboration Laboratory (co_Lab) Research Group

Contemporary Theatre Making

Extra Sonic Practice

Intercultural Performance

School Design Research Group

Sustainable Built Environments

Business, Markets, and Economy
Cultural Studies

Lincolnshire Learning Lab

Primary and Secondary Education Cluster

Tertiary Education Group

Health and Medicine
History and English
Natural Sciences
Science and Engineering
Social Sciences

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Here at Lincoln, we are proud of our supportive research environment and collaborative culture, which is helping our staff and students to produce high-quality research that is transforming lives and tackling some of the major challenges we are facing in the world today.

College of Health and Science

Researchers in the College of Health and Science are advancing knowledge in areas such as healthcare, biomedical sciences, psychology, and sports science, generating impactful discoveries that are making a tangible difference to our communities.

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

Research in the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities covers a broad range of topics and utilises a wide variety of methodologies and approaches that foster regional, national, and international collaborations and partnerships.