Herman Kok

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Born in Amsterdam-Landsmeer, Herman has actually lived most of his life in the UK. His residence permit pre-dates Britain's entrance to the EEC and he hopes it will protect him from deportation when Brexit becomes a reality. His background is in Finance but believes that in order to give true meaning to 'numbers' you have to have a thorough understanding of the activities of the enterprise you report on; after all, in the context of Financial Reporting, numbers are primarily there to make a complex situation easier to understand. As such, it is easy to see that engagement with customers and suppliers becomes very important, a reason why his job-functions have always had a strong Marketing aspect. People, especially colleagues who are 'hands-on' in the delivery of the product/service are probably the most important element of any successful organisation and employee engagement & organisational structures are areas of great interest to me. Lindum Group Ltd, his employer of 30 years, is a company where 460 of the 660 employees are shareholders (all employees can buy shares) and they have a very good record of employee engagement, evidenced by the fact that they have featured in the 'Sunday Times Best Companies to Work for' competition for the last 12 years. (no mean feat when employees complete questionnaires about their workplace conditions around end October, when 50% of our workforce endure wind/rain/cold weather conditions and still the majority say they enjoy being a Lindum Employee!)  I have worked in Amsterdam, Paris, London and Lincoln. Between 2012 and 2016 Herman took part in an EEC project focussed on sharing Best Workplace Practices across all member-states, which showed that innovation was alive and well across the pitch, from Lithuania to Poland, Portugal and Spain to name but a few. Herman looks forward to help LIBS forge even better relationships with the local (and international) community and hopes to learn more about principles underpinning  People, Organisational Structures, Strategies and Leadership in the process.