About Lincoln International Business School

Our Mission

To provide an innovative, scholarly learning environment based on a commitment to responsible management practices and a global community mind-set 


Our Vision

To develop socially responsible leaders ready to meet the challenges of 21st century business. 

Strategic Goals

The overarching strategic goals are that we will:

  • Respect, practise and teach leadership that empowers people to be ambitious, to challenge and to innovate;
  • Offer our students choice, innovation and flexibility in learning;
  • Produce ethical work-ready, world-ready graduates who meet employers’ needs;
  • Be recognised for our distinctive research expertise and thought leadership
  • Attract and retain excellent staff who make a positive contribution to the School’s development


Professional Integrity

  • Professionalism for own role within the College and University.
  • Professional respect for our colleagues and the different roles they play.


  • Responsible to do our best in own role and deliver professionally on individual and collective goals.
  • Responsible to others to ensure they feel safe and supported


  • Collaborating with others within the College and University in order to achieve shared goals in all our activities.
  • Collaborating in order to build communities of practice, support, expertise, and knowledge.


  • Caring and inclusive in all our endeavours.
  • Caring and culturally aware in all we do, whilst respecting the opinions and thoughts of others.
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Our History

Brayford Pool, the site of the University of Lincoln's main campus, has always been an important spot in the city.

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At Lincoln International Business School we believe responsible business management is both expected by society and necessary in order to address global challenges. We are committed to developing responsible graduates who are aware of and prepared for these challenges in our rapidly changing and complex world. The PRME agenda helps us to do this and we are proud to have been signatories since 2010, along with other leading business schools worldwide. We have set up a dedicated committee, meeting four times a year, to ensure PRME is integrated into all our activities. This committee is chaired by the Director of the Lincoln International Business School, and is formed of all Heads of Departments, our UNESCO Chair on Responsible Foresight for Sustainable Development, Professor Ted Fuller and the PRME lead, Dr. Claire May. As signatories we are required to regularly report on our progress under the Six Principles and share this information with the wider PRME community.

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Business Engagement

Lincoln International Business School aims to provide a supported and sustainable platform for leadership and management to organisations within the Greater Lincolnshire area and beyond.

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The Respect Charter

The respect charter recognises everyone's entitlement to respect.

Our five core values

  1. Recognise that we will not always share the same points of view.
  2. Treat people fairly, with courtesy and respect.
  3. Acknowledge that our personal behaviour has an impact on others.
  4. Own and try to learn positively from our mistakes.
  5. Be mutually supportive, and improve through our ability to work and learn together.

The University belongs to us all. Treat everyone with respect.

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