School of Psychology


‌Welcome to the School of Psychology, at the University of Lincoln, a thriving multi-cultural community of staff and students, with consistently positive ratings from students and a strong research profile.

The School offers a range of undergraduate  and postgraduate  programmes utilising excellent facilities and has an international reputation for fundamental and applied psychological Research.

Professor Martin Tovee
Head of the School of Psychology.‌‌

Summer Scientist

Summer Scientist is a morning or afternoon of free fun activities aimed at children between 3 to 10 years old. The event takes place in the Sarah Swift Building, situated on the Brayford Pool Campus of the University. A team of trained student volunteers, researchers and academics play games with children in the Fun-Zone and ask them to take part in research studies which we call research ‘games’. These research ‘games’ are fun activities for children to enjoy, but they also allow experts at the university to learn about how children develop.

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