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Forensic and Clinical Research Group

Research focused in applied settings and on clinical or forensic populations, concerned with  psychological functioning related to clinical and forensic problems...

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Perception Action and Cognition Research Group

Research in a broad range of issues including visual motion processes, emotion and memory, and the visual processing in dyslexic, autistic and neurological populations.

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Development and Social Behaviour Research Group

Our research examines firstly the development of motor, behavioural and cognitive processes, and secondly the social psychological processes affecting interpersonal, intergroup and interspecies attitudes, cognition, emotion, and behaviour.

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Autism Research Innovation Centre

ARIC’s mission is to create a diverse and inclusive environment where community knowledge and academic expertise merge to produce evidence-based innovative professional approaches and services for enriching the lives of autistic people and those who support them throughout their lifespan.

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Lincoln Sleep Research Centre (LiSReC)

LiSReC aims to improve our understanding of all aspects of sleep, from basic sleep science through to frontline clinical applications. A collaborative venture between the University of Lincoln and Bishop Grosseteste University, our mission is improve the sleep of people everywhere through high quality research, education and engagement.

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Research Areas, Projects & Topics

Current MSc by Research projects offered by the School of Psychology.

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Psychology Labs

Top Tips for PhD Starters

Psychology Labs

The Psychology Labs in the Sarah Swift building are used by the School of Psychology for research projects in areas such as forensic psychology, perception and cognition, development and social behavior, and autism.

Students have access to equipment such as a dynamic 3D body scanner, an eye-tracker, Psychophysics, Molecular lab, and driving simulator to use in their both their own research as well as at a postgraduate level as part of one of the many research groups in the school.

The labs are located in the new Sarah Swift building and are available as learning environments for students on the Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Research Methods courses.