School of Psychology Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Mr Adam Horner Associate Lecturer
Mr Alex De Toma Associate Lecturer
Prof Amanda Roberts Professor of Psychology
Miss Ana Maria Barcelos Guerra Pinto Associate Lecturer
Dr Andre Soares Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology
Mrs Andrea Tanner School Administration Manager
Mr Andrew Irvine Senior Technician
Ms Ania Dopierala Lecturer in Mental Health
Dr Anna Frow Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Dr Annemieke Van Den Tol Senior Lecturer
Dr Ava Horowitz Senior Lecturer
Miss Baylee Ross-Harwood Administrator
Prof Bonaventura Majolo Professor of Social Evolution
Mr Carl Raisen Administrator
Mrs Catherine O'Sullivan Lecturer in Psychological Well-being Practice
Ms Charlotte Cartledge Lecturer in Developmental Psychology
Miss Charlotte Petchey Graduate Teaching Fellow
Miss Charlotte Wesson Visiting Researcher
Miss Chloe Hutchins Lecturer in LiCBT (PWP Programme / Psychology of Mental Health)
Miss Claire Harman Graduate Teaching Fellow
Dr David Dawson Research Clinical Psychologist / Associate Professor
Dr David Ellis Visiting Fellow
Mr David Karan Associate Lecturer
Miss Donna Sansom Administrator
Dr Elena Petrovskaya Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Psychology/Addiction
Dr Emile van der Zee Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Mrs Emma Hughes Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader
Dr Evangelos Stephanopoulos Associate Lecturer
Dr Faye Devlin Clinical Tutor
Dr Fenja Ziegler Associate Professor
Dr Garry Wilson Associate Professor
Dr Georgina Gous Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology/Programme Lead
Miss Hannah Martin Administrator
Dr Hannah Merdian Deputy Head of School
Ms Helen Kemp Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Jaspreet Phull Visiting Professor
Ms Jenny Hamilton Senior Lecturer in Counselling/ Psychological Therapies
Miss Joanne Livingston Associate Lecturer
Dr Jodie Stevenson Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Dr John Hudson Senior Lecturer
Mr Jon Halliday Associate Lecturer
Dr Julia Foecker Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Mr Julian Smalec Associate Lecturer
Dr Kamila Irvine Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Mrs Kate Dewar Associate Lecturer
Dr Katharina Pohlmann Associate Lecturer
Dr Kay Ritchie Associate Professor in Cognitive Psychology
Prof Kerstin Meints Professor in Developmental Psychology
Dr Kevin Butler Lecturer in Psychology (Addictions)
Mr Khaled Yaghi Associate Lecturer
Dr Kirsten McKenzie Senior Lecturer
Dr Kirsty Miller Head of School of Psychology
Miss Kitty Stephenson Associate Lecturer
Prof Kun Guo Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Dr Kyla Pennington Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader
Dr Laetitia Marechal Associate Professor in Psychology
Miss Laura Sweeney Senior Lecturer in CBT Therapy
Miss Lauren Andrews Senior Lecturer in CBT Therapy
Mrs Lauren Bourn Associate Lecturer
Dr Lauren Smith Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Mrs Leanne Hopton Lecturer in LiCBT (PWP Programme/Psychology of Mental Health)
Dr Lesley Allinson Senior Lecturer/ Programme Leader
Dr Lizzie Fuller Associate Lecturer
Mrs Lucy Hobson Administrator
Dr Lynn Pickerell Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Mark Gresswell Senior Clinical Academic
Dr Matina Tsiora Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Matt King-Parker Lecturer in Psychology
Mrs Mel St John-Howe Research Assistant
Dr Michael Baliousis Research Clinical Psychologist
Dr Michael Mireku Senior Lecturer (Early Career Researcher)
Mrs Michelle Smith Associate Lecturer
Dr Mirena Dimolareva Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Nathan Heflick Senior Lecturer
Miss Neetu Malik Associate Lecturer
Miss Nichola Howlett Administrator
Dr Niko Kargas Associate Professor
Dr Nima Moghaddam Research Clinical Psychologist / Associate Professor
Ms Olivia Jewell Associate Lecturer
Dr Patrick Hylton Associate Professor
Miss Patrycja Korzeniowska Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Paul Goddard Senior Lecturer
Dr Peter Clark Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Petra Pollux Associate Professor
Dr Phil Willmot Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology
Miss Polly Atkins Psychology Technician
Mrs Rachael Dagnall Associate Professor in Forensic Psychology/ Programme Leader
Mrs Rachael Matharoo Senior Lecturer in CBT Therapy
Dr Rachel Bromnick Associate Professor/ Programme Leader
Ms Rebecca Clarke Post Doctoral Research Associate NIHR (Psychology / Addiction)
Dr Rhea Luana Arini Lecturer in Psychology
Mr Richard Blackbourn Associate Lecturer
Mr Richard Cassell Associate Lecturer
Mr Richard Wylde Administrator
Dr Robin Kramer Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Roger Bretherton Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Dr Ross Bartels Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Dr Rupert Burge Postdoctoral Research Associate
Prof Ruth Gaunt Professor of Social Psychology
Ms Samantha McHale Senior Lecturer in CBT Therapy
Mrs Sara Giles Senior Lecturer in CBT Therapy
Ms Sarah James Associate Lecturer
Mrs Sarah Priestley Senior Lecturer in CBT Therapy/Programme Leader
Dr Sarah Sauve Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Sarah Wilde Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Miss Scarlett Chambers Administrator
Mr Scott Kidd Research Assistant
Dr Sharron Smith Senior Clinical Tutor
Dr Simon Durrant Associate Professor
Dr Stephen Earl Senior Lecturer in Psychology/Programme Leader
Dr Sunni Guha Senior Clinical Tutor
Dr Susan Chipchase Senior Lecturer
Miss Suzanne Coward Associate Lecturer
Dr Teresa Garrod Senior Lecturer in Counselling/Psychological Therapies
Dr Tessa Flack Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Mr Thomas Davies Associate Lecturer
Prof Timothy Hodgson Professor of Psychology/ Programme Leader
Dr Tochukwu Onwuegbusi Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Prof Todd Hogue Professor of Forensic Psychology
Mrs Tracey Goulding Psychology Technician
Dr Tracey Thornborrow Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Umair Akram Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Valentina Sclafani Senior Lecturer in Psychology - Developmental
Mrs Victoria Brelsford Associate Lecturer
Dr William Burkitt Lecturer in Psychology