School of Psychology Staff

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Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Miss Alexandra Frost Associate Lecturer
Prof Amanda Roberts Professor of Psychology
Gambling, Disordered Gambling, Addiction, Mental Illness, Homelessness.
Mrs Andrea Tanner Senior Administrator and PA
Mr Andrei Zarie Associate Lecturer
Mr Andrew Irvine Senior Technician
Ms Ania Dopierala Lecturer in Mental Health
Trauma, adverse childhood experiences and healing process Intergenerational transmission of trauma Cross-cultural research in counselling and psychology Qualitative research methods Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Language and translation is qualitative research Use of hypnosis and trance in psychotherapy
Dr Annemieke Van den Tol Senior Lecturer
Mental Health in Minority groups Emotional Eating Emotion Regulation Gender Roles Meaning Threats Moral Emotions (shame and disgust) Music and Children Music and Emotion regulation Music and Mental Health Music and Social Identity Social Identity
Dr Ava Horowitz Senior Lecturer
Discursive Psychology - Identity & Social Relationships; Definitions of Sexual Behaviour; Adult Attachment
Miss Baylee Ross-Harwood Administrator
Prof Bonaventura Majolo Professor of Social Evolution
Cooperation, altruism, competition, aggression, primate socio-ecology
Mrs Catherine O'Sullivan Lecturer in Psychological Well-being Practice
Ms Charlotte Cartledge Lecturer in Developmental Psychology
Developmental Psychology, Psychological Research Methods, Reading, Phonics Instruction, Education, Motivation, Academic Achievement
Miss Chloe Hutchins Lecturer in LiCBT (PWP Programme / Psychology of Mental Health)
Dr David Dawson Research Clinical Psychologist / Associate Professor
Clinical Psychology; Applied Clinical Research; Behaviour Analysis; Behaviour Change
Dr Emile van der Zee Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Cognitive Psychology
Mrs Emma Hughes Senior Lecturer
Dr Evangelos Stephanopoulos Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Dr Faye Devlin Clinical Tutor
Dr Fenja Ziegler Associate Professor
behavioural economics, social decision making, perspective-taking, theory of mind
Miss Francesca Hague-Blundy Administrator
Dr Garry Wilson Associate Professor / University Senior Tutor
Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics
Mrs Gemma Ezard Visiting Researcher
Miss Gemma McKenzie Senior Lecturer in CBT Therapy
Prof George Mather Professor of Vision Science
Human vision, particularly the perception of visual movement with applications in sport and visual art.
Dr Georgina Gous Lecturer
Earwitness memory; Eyewitness memory; Police person descriptions; Cross-examination courtroom practices; Leading questions; Witness preparation; Jury decision-making
Miss Greta Kerulo Associate Lecturer
Dr Hannah Merdian Deputy Head of School
applied psychology
Miss Heather Sunderland Associate Lecturer
Malleability of body image Sociocultural influences on body image Body image concerns across all genders and sexual orientations Equality, inclusion and representation in body image research
Ms Helen Kemp Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Huda Alqahtani
Mr Jack Grant Associate Lecturer
Dr Jaspreet Phull Visiting Professor
Mrs Jennifer Taylor Administrator
Ms Jenny Hamilton Senior Lecturer in Counselling/ Psychological Therapies
Counselling/ Psychological Therapies, Mindfulness, Film Therapy, Grief and Loss, Self Care and Resilience, Post Traumatic Stress, Working Therapeutically with Imagery, Telephone Counselling, Working with Diversity in Counselling, Career Coaching and Work Related Issues.
Miss Joanne Livingston Associate Lecturer
Dr Jodie Stevenson Lecturer in Psychology
Adult attachment, close relationships, mindfulness, personality traits, well-being
Dr John Hudson Senior Lecturer
Mr Jon Halliday Associate Lecturer
Dr Jonathan Waddington Visiting Fellow of Psychology
Cognitive Neuropsychology. Eye movements, Attention and Perception. My research interests are directed towards the effective habilitation of children with brain-based vision difficulties, and the rehabilitation of adults with similar conditions.
Dr Julia Foecker Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Neuroscience, Attention, Vision, Event-related potentials, Brain Imaging, Visual deprivation, Video Games, Virtual Reality
Mr Julian Smalec Associate Lecturer
Dr Kamila Irvine Lecturer in Psychology
Body image, body size perception, eating disorders, virtual reality, developmental psychopathology
Mrs Kate Dewar Associate Lecturer
Miss Katharina Pohlmann Associate Lecturer
Virtual Reality, Cognitive Psychology, Vection, Cybersickness, Postural Instability
Dr Kay Ritchie Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology
Face processing; Face recognition; Facial recognition technology
Prof Kerstin Meints Professor in Developmental Psychology
Developmental Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Injury Prevention, Human-Animal Interaction, Comparative Cognition, Animal-assisted Interventions
Dr Kirsten McKenzie Senior Lecturer
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI); Body Representation; Embodiment and Sensory Illusions; Sensory Integration;
Dr Kirsty Miller Head of School of Psychology
Motor control, handedness, utilisation of sensory info to control action. Student Expectations, Engagement and Motivations
Miss Kitty Stephenson Associate Lecturer
Dr Kleanthis Neophytou Lecturer in Applied Psychology
Prof Kun Guo Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision, Social Attention, Emotion, Human-Animal Interaction
Dr Kyla Pennington Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader
Psychopathology; Molecular psychology; Executive function; Mental health; Stress
Dr Laetitia Marechal Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Psychology, Human-Animal Interactions, Animal Welfare, Primatology, Anthropology, Behavioural Ecology, Endocrinology, Environmental stress, and Wildlife Tourism
Miss Laura Pellegrini Postgraduate Teaching Assistant
Mindfulness Wellbeing
Miss Lauren Andrews Lecturer in CBT Therapy
Dr Lauren Smith Lecturer in Psychology
Criminal justice resettlement and reintegration; reducing reoffending; homelessness; gambling and crime.
Mrs Leanne Hopton Lecturer in LiCBT (PWP Programme/Psychology of Mental Health)
Dr Lesley Allinson Senior Lecturer/ Programme Leader
Ms Lizzie Fuller Associate Lecturer
Lizzie conducts research into face memory biases and works in Health and Pandemic Insight.
Mrs Lynn Pickerell Lecturer in Psychology
Developmental psychology, emotions and emotion regulation, wellbeing, mindfulness.
Dr Mark Gresswell Senior Clinical Academic
Clinical Psychology
Dr Matina Tsiora Associate Lecturer
Dr Matt Craddock Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Object recognition, somatosensation, neural oscillations
Mr Matthew King-Parker Associate Lecturer
Mr Matthew Newman Administrator
Mrs Mel St John-Howe Postgraduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Michael Baliousis Research Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Psychology; Applied Clinical Research; Systemic Psychotherapy; Trauma-informed care; Intellectual Disabilities; Neuropsychology; Psychometric development
Dr Michael Mireku Senior Lecturer (Early Career Researcher)
Mrs Michelle Smith Senior Lecturer
Forensic Psychology: working with women, personality difficulties and mental health, trauma and resilience, professional boundaries
Miss Nadia Maalin Associate Lecturer
Body image, female body size perception, disordered eating, weight perception.
Dr Nathan Heflick Senior Lecturer
Social Psychology, Mortality Awareness, Motivated Reasoning
Miss Neetu Malik Associate Lecturer
Body-image, Bodily representations of genders, Body perceptions, Idealisations, Socio-cultural influences
Miss Nichola Howlett Administrator
Dr Niko Kargas Associate Professor
Autism, Accessible Services, Animal-Assisted Interventions, Educational Technologies, Employment
Dr Nima Moghaddam Research Clinical Psychologist / Associate Professor
Clinical Psychology
Dr Patrick Hylton Senior Lecturer
Social psychology; Critical psychology
Miss Patrycja Korzeniowska Associate Lecturer
Dr Paul Goddard Senior Lecturer
Perception and Attention
Dr Petra Pollux Senior Lecturer
Social and Cognitive neuroscience, Social attention and Cognitive flexibility, Event-related potentials (ERP)
Dr Phil Willmot Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology
Forensic psychology, personality disorder, violent and criminally diverse serious offenders, schema therapy
Mrs Rachael Dagnall Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology/ Programme Leader
Forensic Psychology: assessment and treatment of offenders, problematic personality, rehabilitative cultures within prison environments.
Mrs Rachael Matharoo Senior Lecturer in CBT Therapy
Dr Rachel Bromnick Associate Professor/ Programme Leader
Emerging Adulthood Teaching and Learning in HE
Mrs Rebecca Park Associate Lecturer
Mr Richard Wylde Administrator
Dr Robin Kramer Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Face processing
Dr Roger Bretherton Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Positive Psychology at Work, Character Strengths and Virtues, Leadership Development, Coaching and Psychotherapy
Dr Ross Bartels Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Forensic psychology; Sexual offending; Deviant sexual interests; Sexual fantasies; Offence-related cognition
Dr Rupert Burge Postdoctoral Research Associate
Prof Ruth Gaunt Professor of Social Psychology
Social psychology of gender; Ambivalent sexism; Division of family roles; Work & childcare; Parents' wellbeing; Masculinities.
Ms Sarah James Associate Lecturer
Mrs Sarah Priestley Senior Lecturer in CBT Therapy
Dr Sarah Wilde Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Miss Scarlett Chambers Administrator
Dr Sharron Smith Senior Clinical Tutor
Clinical Psychology
Dr Simon Durrant Senior Lecturer
Cognitive Neuroscience of Sleep, Cognitive Neuroscience of Music, Computational Neuroscience, Quantitative Methods
Dr Stephen Earl Lecturer in Psychology
Motivation Self-Determination Theory Adolescent Well-Being Academic Engagement Emotional Development
Dr Susan Chipchase Senior Lecturer
emotion, memory, chronic illness
Dr Tessa Flack Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Face perception, face recognition, neural correlates of face processing, fMRI
Mr Thomas Davies Associate Lecturer
Dr Tibor Farkas Associate Lecturer
Prof Timothy Hodgson Professor of Psychology/ Programme Leader
Cognitive Neuropsychology and Neuroscience of Eye Movements
Dr Tochukwu Onwuegbusi Lecturer in Psychology
Eyewitness facial recognition, police lineup identification techniques, facial expression and identity recognition, attitude and risk judgements, biases towards own-race faces, eyetracking, amongst others.
Prof Todd Hogue College Director of Research
Forensic psychology, risk, sexual offenders, personality disorder, attitudes to sexual offenders (ATS), sexual interest
Mrs Tracey Goulding Psychology Technician
Dr Tracey Thornborrow Lecturer in Psychology
Attractiveness, body image, eating disorders. Cross cultural research. Mixed methods and interdisciplinary approaches
Dr Valentina Sclafani Senior Lecturer in Psychology - Developmental
infant development, mother-infant interactions, comparative psychology, social communication
Mrs Victoria Brelsford Associate Lecturer
Mr William Burkitt Lecturer in Psychology
Motivation, wellbeing, perfectionism, social influence, the philosophy of science.
Mr Xiaoke Qiu Associate Lecturer
Ms Zara Christian-Norris Administrator