Regional Innovation and Enterprise Research Group

What Are We Doing?

The Regional Innovation and Enterprise Research Group has a growing track record of social and economic development research. This includes locally, nationally, and internationally funded projects aimed at investigating the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in the developments of regions. The group includes national and international collaborations to advise on future approaches to delivering local, regional, and international policies.

We are researching businesses and wider economic development in different spatial contexts. This extends from policy evaluations and regional economic analysis through to individual and organisational dynamics that foster entrepreneurship and innovation.

Why Is It important?

Supporting the economic development of regions can provide better opportunities for the businesses and communities living there. Understanding more about the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship for the growth can inform new approaches to supporting their development trajectories.

How Are We different?

We rely and build up from our diversity and multidisciplinarity to foster integration among research methods and background to create impact in the society. With a representation from all departments of the Business School, our research group includes expertise coming from the fields of economics, management, regional development and geography, marketing, organisational psychology, sociology, finance, and many others. This wide spectrum of expertise allows us to tackle several issues related to the different aspects of regional innovation and enterprise.

Group Researchers

Dr Agnieszka Rydzik, Senior Lecturer

Alex Alterskye, Lecturer

Dr Andrea Caputo, Reader

Dr David Twigg, Head of Department Strategy & Enterprise

Dr Dragana Radicic, Senior Lecturer

Dr Eric Ruto, Senior Lecturer

Dr Gary Bosworth, Deputy Head of School of Geography

Dr Giacomo Marzi, Lecturer

Dr Igor Menezes, Senior Lecturer

Dr Ilenia Bregoli, Senior Lecturer

Dr Jun Hou, Senior Lecturer

Kevin Blanchard, Senior Lecturer

Dr Lee Matthews, Senior Lecturer

Mahdieh Zeinali, Lecturer

Prof Matthijs Bal, Professor of Responsible Management

Dr Paul Igwe, Senior Lecturer

Dr Shrabani Saha, Senior Lecturer

Prof Steve Armstrong, Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Prof Ted Fuller, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Foresight

Victoria Ellis, Senior Lecturer

Prof David Charles, Visiting Professor

Liz Price, Senior Research Fellow

Fiona Ashmore, Research Assistant

Aekachai Khuenmanee, PhD Student

Alex Alterskye, PhD Student

Dannuo Zhu, PhD Student

Kenny Odunukan, PhD Student

Mahdieh Zeinali, PhD Student

Maria Salomaa, PhD Student

Rhoda Ahoba-Sam, PhD Student

Tim Whilde, PhD Student

William Hamilton, PhD Student

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