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Who We Are

The Marketing Research Group (MaRG) collates and develops the research calibre of a group of colleagues, both early career and well established, who are contributing to a wide range of marketing-related studies. These include marketing strategies, consumption, consumer culture, consumer behaviour, communications, advertising, digital and social media, brand management, entrepreneurial marketing and consumer technology.

By means of a wide range of scholarly activities, MaRG aims to enhance knowledge and offer insights for marketing and consumer studies in various local or global contexts, from a spectrum of perspectives that draw on cross-disciplinary approaches. Our research puts emphasis on creating and fostering sustainable values and resources for markets, consumers and related stakeholders.

With diverse background and scholarly interests of our members, we offer a number of undergraduate programmes ( BA (Hons) Marketing and Advertising, and BA (Hon) Business and Marketing Management) as well as postgraduate programmes (MSc Digital Marketing, MSc Management with MarketingMSc Marketing, MPhil/PhD Marketing).

Research Themes and Sustainable Development Goals

Our research is embedded in the following University research themes, a unique set of areas that key into our goals as a civic university undertaking internationally significant research with local relevance, and as researchers engaged in the pursuit of excellence. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals badges represent our research and collaborations in terms of their contribution to the issues the world faces today and into the future.

Our Research

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Research Seminars and Public Engagements

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