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Lincoln International Business School is culturally diverse, internationally minded, and committed to providing an educational experience that enhances careers. It is ambitious, and determined to make a difference to society through innovative approaches to research and education.

We offer a wide range of undergraduate courses and postgraduate programmes designed to give students a competitive advantage in the jobs market. Our portfolio covers the subject areas of Accountancy, Finance and Economics; People and Organisations; Strategy and Enterprise; Tourism; and Marketing. 

Work placements, professional practice, and industry speakers all seek to combine the benefits of academic expertise with industry experience. We also offer programmes tailored for the military, distance learning courses, and executive development.

Our forward-thinking work with entrepreneurs and small enterprises appreciates their uniqueness. We aim to help each individual enterprise thrive through innovation, entrepreneurship, and responsible management. Students’ business start-ups can be based at the University’s business incubation centre, Sparkhouse, which provides a creative and professional environment for students to work alongside like-minded individuals.

Above all, the driving force of the Lincoln International Business School is a desire to help our students graduate with the right mix of employability skills to make a genuine difference in industry.

Development Economics Conference (DEC) 2019

17-19 June 2019, Lincoln International Business School, Lincoln, UK

‌The broad theme of DEC 2019 is framed along the lines of the late Douglas North’s seminal contributions of the late 20th century to address issues arising out of the social and political turbulence affecting the global community in the 21st century. The conference will primarily aim to examine how these issues have been affecting the economic performance of nations at micro and macro level. While this is an academic conference it includes sessions with prominent speakers on policy and business issues designed to appeal also to policy makers, business leaders, consultants, and members of the public.

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Dr Craig Marsh

The Lincoln International Business School ensures teaching quality and industry links are at the forefront of the learner experience. Our students graduate with the right mix of employability skills to make a difference in industry.

Dr Craig Marsh, Director of Lincoln International Business School