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National Centre for Food Manufacturing deliver masterclasses for the food sector across a range of key themes and areas. Some of the future events may include:


  1. Food Authenticity & Integrity
  2. Innovation in Food - R&D (Concept)
  3. Market Research and Sensory Assessment
  4. Equipment & Plant Design
  5. Ingredient & RM Sourcing – Identifying Suppliers
  6. Automation & Robotics (skills and productivity) – Modern and Advanced Technology
  7. Skills and Talent (science, engineering, productivity, quality and technical)
  8. Food Safety Management
  9. Virtual Reality – Innovations in Food Manufacturing, Engineering and Maintenance
  10. Labelling & Packaging – Brand and Market
  11. Finding a Market Place (Launch)
  12. Food Logistics


If you are interested in any of these, make us aware and please email or visit the page again soon for updates.