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The Future of Education

The School of Education is an active community of academic, student, and practitioner researchers committed to educational studies that make a difference. Our interdisciplinary and collaborative work aims to inform the improvement of thinking, practice, and policy across many educational contexts from schools and universities, to informal learning spaces, and theoretical debates.

Our researchers use qualitative and quantitative methods with a range of disciplinary perspectives to explore important questions about teaching and learning, inclusion and inequality, organisational cultures and institutions, educational futures, and the impact of educational research. Two of our main research themes, science and technology education, and critical education studies are supported by specialist research groups.

Students may be able to learn from our academic researchers and be part of exciting new research projects that aim to challenge and improve current educational thinking and practice. From projects on multi-modal, practical, and performative learning among children, to studies on safeguarding academic freedom in European and African universities.

A significant focus for the School of Education is doctoral research, with between 70 - 80 students enrolled at any one time, undertaking research on a wide range of topics. You can visit a list of past theses online.

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Science and Technology Education Group

The aims of the Science and Technology Education Group (STEG) are to undertake research in all areas of science and technology education in order to make a positive...

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Research in Critical Education Studies (RiCES)

The aims of the Research in Critical Education Studies (RiCES, pronounced ‘recess’) group are to recognise, facilitate and promote the use of rigorous...

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