Lincolnshire Learning Lab

Bringing Research to the Classroom

Lincolnshire Learning Lab is helping to improve the learning of all children and the working environments for teachers within Lincolnshire. The purpose is to bring academic rigour and evidence-based research into the classroom by engaging the three key stakeholders – teachers, academics, and anyone involved or interested in the education system, such as parents and educational consultants.

The Lincolnshire Learning Lab is so called to enable research to be carried out in schools in a rigorous and innovative manner ensuring that time is spent productively on research that will benefit all staff, children, and families, while offering teachers the opportunity to work with academics to ensure that research is effective for all.

The group is keen to work and involve anyone interested in carrying out research in their schools or education settings. If you are a teacher from a primary, secondary, specialist provision, or alternative education, or an academic or professional involved in the education system, then please do get in touch.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our group supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are an urgent call for action to tackle some of the world's most pressing problems, now and into the future.

Key Research Projects

Research Activity