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Strategic Plan 2016-2021

The University of Lincoln's current Strategic Plan covers the period 2016-2021 and sets out the institution's vision and mission, shaping the future direction of the University's development.

One of the most important elements of the Strategic Plan is the University's Mission - a statement which defines the University as:

A university looking to the future where we serve and develop our local, national and international communities by creating purposeful knowledge and research, confident and creative graduates and a dynamic and engaged staff team.

The Strategic Plan also articulates a Vision for the future that the University of Lincoln will:

By 2021 be a global 'thought leader' for 21st Century higher education. We will be known for addressing the opportunities and challenges presented by the changing world by developing a new approach to education and knowledge development. We will build on our reputation for excellent student engagement which prepares our graduates for their future and we will work closely with our communities to ensure valuable impact from our research to make a meaningful contribution to our world.

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We will be known for addressing the opportunities and challenges presented by the changing world by developing a new approach to education and knowledge development. We will build on our reputation for excellent student engagement which prepares our graduates for their future and we will work closely with our communities to ensure valuable impact from our research to make a meaningful contribution to our world.

University of Lincoln Strategic Plan 2016-2021

The Strategic Plan focuses on our intention to experiment, innovate and explore new ways of working together so that by 2021 the University will be known as one of the leading great small city universities in the world, with a reputation as a thought leader for 21st Century higher education globally. 

Developing thought leadership means that we will not be afraid to challenge our practice in teaching and research, our involvement with partners creating an innovation campus where others wish to co-locate, both geographically and virtually, along with developing the services to enhance our work.

 The plan is based around the five core principles of:

  • Teaching Excellence and a Great Student Experience
  • Graduate Success
  • Research with Impact
  • Strong Partnerships and Employer Engagement
  • Dynamic, Engaged People.

We believe that each of these principles lie at the heart of the success of the University.

Supporting these core principles are five themes which we believe encapsulate our needs in the environment that will shape our world over the lifetime of the plan:

  • Resilience and Sustainability
  • Ambition, Global Recognition and Growing our Reputation for Innovation
  • Creating an Inclusive Community
  • Enabling Technologies, Excellent Research and Teaching Spaces
  • A New Vision for Education.


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Industrial Research Strategy

Learn more about how our research is focused on working with partners to drive innovation in specialisms like rural health, clean energy, and agri-food technology. Our Industrial Research Strategy 2021-2026 describes our approach to collaboration across our region to support levelling up and tackle local and global issues.

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A Civic University

The University of Lincoln was established by and for our communities. Alongside our core mission to educate students, develop scholarship, and conduct and translate research for the benefit of society, we therefore have particular responsibilities as an anchor institution to engage and work with our communities, and to enhance and support our region socially, economically, and culturally.

We interpret the role of a Civic University as comprising a set of values, principles and actions which can be applied globally as well as locally. Our strategy sets out the core elements of this engagement, and follows on from the University’s overall mission to ‘look to the future’ – seeking opportunities for our development which also benefit society locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

You can find out more by reading our Strategy for Civic Engagement and our Civic University Agreement.