We Transform

Our purpose is to transform lives

Through teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange, we will enhance and enrich and better the lives of our students, staff, city, and communities across the world. As we go on this journey, we must also transform our own outlooks and working practices, expanding our horizons and embracing new digital technologies. 

We will be people-centred, transforming the lives of those who learn, work, and engage with us.

Two students presenting in front of a camera in a television studio

We will do this by:

Enhancing the opportunities, experiences, and outcomes of our students regardless of their background.

A member of staff presenting to a group of students in a seminar room

We will do this by:

Creating an intellectually stimulating environment where our staff are empowered to be ambitious and successful.

A member of staff offering advice to a student

We will do this by:

Creating an ethos of entrepreneurship in our students and staff.


We will transform society through impactful and relevant teaching, research, and knowledge exchange that address both regional and global challenges.

An academic giving a demonstration to a group of students in the medical centre

We will do this by:

Engaging in innovative, cross-disciplinary, and research-informed teaching that changes the way our students think.

Students taking part in a physical training exercise on a running machine

We will do this by:

Delivering research that has relevance and impact regionally and across the globe.

A group of students sat talking at a desk with a laptop

We will do this by:

Sharing knowledge and co-creating opportunities that will help businesses to grow and transform.


Through our regionally-embedded civic mission, we will transform the city, region, and wider world in which we operate.

Two site workers in hi-vis jackets on a construction site with a crane in the background

We will do this by:

Catalysing economic growth and investment in the city and region, working in collaboration with our partners to resolve inequalities and create pride in place.

A pair of hands making a heart shape from the audience at a concert

We will do this by:

Collaborating with students, partners, and the public to develop our reputation as a creative cultural powerhouse that enhances lives, communities, and economies.

A student standing on a stairway holding a tablet device

We will do this by:

Supporting our international partners and others to address their own priorities.