Events* 6th Annual Robert Grosseteste Lecture in Astrophysics
30 Mar 2023 to 30 Mar 2023

6th Annual Robert Grosseteste Lecture in Astrophysics

Between Fire and Ice: A Public Lecture by Professor Don Kurtz

Isaac Newton Building Lecture Theatre, Brayford Pool Campus
Public Lecture

Our fragile Earth is delicately balanced between the fiery nuclear inferno at the heart of the Sun and the icy frigidity of the outer solar system. Join Professor Don Kurtz on an illustrated tour to see weird and wonderful moons, a continent-sized canyon, gigantic volcanoes, a hurricane bigger than Earth, a pure ice cliff higher than Mt. Everest, a place so cold that the air freezes and falls to the ground as snow, and spectacular pictures of alien environments. Hear about asteroid impacts and the death of the dinosaurs. Learn about the origin and evolution of Earth’s atmosphere, the runaway greenhouse effect on Venus, and the ultimate heat death of our own beautiful blue planet, Earth.

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