Group Members

Group Members

A list of the members of intLab at the University of Lincoln.

Name Position/Research Interests Contact
Dr Patrick Dickinson

Associate Professor - user experience in virtual reality and games
Dr Khaled Bachour

Senior Lecturer - human–computer interaction and games

Philip Carlisle

Senior Lecturer - use of technology in pursuit of new interactive and creative forms of media

Dr Mark Doughty

Principal Lecturer - second screening and games

Dr Derek Foster

Principal Lecturer - human–computer interaction and sustainability

Marise Galvez Trigo

Lecturer - robotics, HRI, HCI, and machine learning

Dr Horia Maior

Lecturer - using brain physiological data to learn more about users during interaction

Dr Renata Ntelia

Lecturer - interests in games

Dr Olivier Szymanezyk

Lecturer - agent-based modelling to improve believability of large-scale virtual world environments