Instructional Techniques for Trainers

Course Dates
27 - 28 November
Fees: £445 (with on-line assessment)


This course aims to prepare FACTS Qualified Advisers (FQAs) to manage the challenges of the Water Framework Directive, greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and soil protection, whilst also improving farm profitability. In order to maintain FQA status, current advisors have to complete this training within 2 years from the date of their original FACTS qualification.


The subject areas covered will include the following:

  • Crop nitrogen utilisation and efficiency
  • Managing farm phosphorus
  • Techniques for in-field nutrient management
  • Efficient use of manures and organic materials
  • Environmental regulations and policies
  • Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) and farm security


The course is delivered over two days, using participatory lectures and case study work.


Following the course and to retain FQA status, all students are required to take an on-line assessment consisting of multiple-choice questions.

Candidates wishing to gain credits from the NMP, as an advanced module towards the BASIS Diploma in Agronomy, also need to take the full examination consisting of two written papers plus a panel viva. Candidates should contact BASIS for details of the full examination.

For further Information and course dates/times please contact either:

Simon Goodger
Tel: 01522 835295

Jill Duarte
Tel: 01522 835428

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