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Saving the World from Antibiotic Resistance

Scientists have taken significant steps towards developing antibiotics which can combat drug-resistant bugs after creating a simplified, synthesised form of teixobactin.

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The Future of Farming

The University of Lincoln is spearheading the development of next generation robots for agri-food production, helping to streamline and maximise processes throughout the entire food chain, from farm to fork.

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Maggots Leap Without Legs

Scientists have discovered the astonishing escape method used by tiny maggots without any legs – despite their lack of limbs, they are able to curl their bodies into an improvised spring and launch themselves into the air.

Work by scientists at the University of Lincoln, UK, and colleagues in the US, reveals that this intelligent method of escape is 28 times more efficient than crawling over the same distance.

The study sheds new light on the fascinating methods used by insects to move large distances with maximum efficiency.

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Improving Outcomes for Cancer Patients

A new medical imaging system designed to help radiographers more accurately plan proton beam therapy treatment could provide a positive beam of hope for cancer patients.

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Study Medicine at Lincoln 

The Lincoln Medical School is an exciting collaboration with the University of Nottingham. Our students can benefit from the academic expertise of both universities, studying for a trusted and well established medicine degree in a university known for putting students at the heart of everything it does.

The BMBS Medicine and BMBS Medicine with a Foundation Year degrees are widening access to medical education. They aim to develop students into the practicing doctors of the future, giving them the opportunity to gain hands-on clinical experience through excellent links with local Lincolnshire NHS trusts.  

Students can learn in the University's £19 million Sarah Swift Building, which is equipped with specialist clinical suites, while work is underway to deliver a purpose-built medical school in 2021. 

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Thinking Ahead

The 21st Century is creating profound changes and universities have a significant role to play to shore up societal certainty against a backdrop of significant upheaval.

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If we are to stay relevant we need to anticipate and prepare for change and work with our communities to shape and drive the 21st Century as it continues to unfold.

Professor Mary Stuart, Vice Chancellor

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