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If you have follow-up questions related to our English for PhD workshops or would like to chat about writing your PhD or presenting at conferences, you can book a meeting with Dr Malgorzata (Gosia) Drewniok by emailing

PhD Workshops

These standalone workshops for International PhD students are aligned with the workshops offered by the Doctoral School. Below is a list of the 22/23 workshops. The same or similar workshops are expected to run in the next academic year.

If you have ideas for workshops on topics not listed below, please email Malgorzata (Gosia) Drewniok, Head of International College, who runs the workshops and who will be happy to develop more topics

Writing Workshops

Writing Results/Findings for International Students

In this session we will focus on the Results / Findings chapter of the thesis. We will look at the best ways of representing your findings and how to refer to them in your writing. You will learn useful vocabulary and grammar, and analyse extracts from real-life thesis chapters. You will be able to ask questions and bring your own work.

Writing Discussions/Conclusions for International Students

This session will focus on the Discussions and Conclusion chapters. We will look at useful vocabulary and grammar to express your analysis and conclusions. We will also consider how to refer to previous chapters. Extracts from real-life theses will be used as examples. You will be able to ask questions about your own work.

Writing Literature Reviews for International Students

In this session we will look at how literature reviews are written in English. This will include useful vocabulary, reporting verbs, and other phrases. We will look at extracts from real-life doctoral literature reviews, and discuss what you need to do in yours. You will have a chance to ask questions and bring your own work.

Writing about Methods for International Students

This session will focus on writing the methodology chapter. We will look at the language used to present and discuss your chosen methods, including useful vocabulary and grammar. Extracts from real-life PhD methodologies will be used. You will also be able to ask questions and bring your own work.

Writing Conference Presentations and Papers

In this workshop you will learn how to write conference papers and what language to use to make your work accessible to a wider audience. Useful vocabulary and practical tips will be given. You will be expected to bring your notes or drafts of your own conference papers to this session.

Communication Workshops

Giving a Conference Presentation in English

This workshop complements the ‘Giving a Paper at a Conference’ and the ‘Writing Conference Presentations / Papers’ workshops, and it is aimed at students for whom English is not the first language.

In this session, you will learn how to give a conference presentation in English. We will cover useful language – vocabulary, grammar structures, as well as useful signposting. You will also learn techniques to maintain your audience’s attention and to emphasize your points. There will be an opportunity to practise and to ask any questions about your own conference presentations.

Research Workshops

Preparing for the VIVA for International Students

This session will cover practical tips in preparation for your viva – what to expect, how to prepare, what language to use. Practical advice provided in this workshop will allow you to prepare confidently for your viva. Every viva is different, but real-life examples will be shared to give you a better idea of the process.  

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