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School of Design

Lincoln School of Design Undergraduate Courses

Arts Foundation Year

The Arts Foundation Year at Lincoln provides an alternative integrated entry route onto a wide range of degree-level programmes in the College of Arts, including Animation, Architecture, Graphic Design, Creative Advertising, Illustration, Interactive Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Design for Exhibition and Museums, Fashion, Fine Art, and Product Design.

Creative Advertising - BA (Hons)

In increasingly competitive global markets, it is the brands with creative, engaging, and innovative advertising that stand out from the crowd.

Design for Event, Exhibition and Performance - BA (Hons)

This degree focuses on the design of engaging, narrative environments for commercial exhibitions, events, and museums, and offers a bridging of artistic disciplines in a creative, spatial design programme.

Fashion - BA (Hons)

BA (Hons) Fashion is a 'classically constructed' degree that focuses on the essential partnership between innovative design and technical excellence.

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Graphic Design at Lincoln encourages students to become skilled visual communicators, providing the opportunity to work on projects that require practical skills and creative insight to find innovative solutions.

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Illustration continues to evolve, led by practitioners who aren't afraid to take creative risks. As such, students will be encouraged to be inquisitive, embrace mistakes, and challenge what Illustration can be.

Interior Architecture and Design - BA (Hons)

Interior architects shape the spaces in which we live our lives, combining aesthetics with philosophy and function.

Product Design - BA (Hons)

With links to the design industry, collaboration with agencies, placement opportunities, and support to launch business start-ups, this course aims to develop the product designers of the future.

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