School of Engineering Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Mr Abdalkarim Mohtasib Associate Lecturer
Mr Abdullah Al Shabibi Visiting Researcher
Dr Ahmed Elseragy Acting Head of School of Engineering
Smart Cities - Energy - Sustainability and resilience within the built environment - Industry 4.0 and disruptive technologies within the context of engineering management - Innovation and Technology management.
Rev Alexander Borman Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Dr Amir Badiee Senior Lecturer
Material/Polymer characterisation Lighting system design for artificial light growing/vertical farming systems Greenhouse cladding material design Solar energy materials Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Dr Behnaz Sohani Post Doctoral Research Associate
Prof Chris Bingham Professor of Energy Conversion
Ms Christine McDermott Administrator
Dr Christopher Phillipson Senior Lecturer
Mr Christopher Townend Technician Assistant
Dr Dalila O'Grady Lecturer
Mr Dan Stones Technical Resource Manager
Mr David Turner Associate Lecturer
Mr Dimitris Pasias Lecturer
Dr Edmond Nurellari Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Distributed Signal Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Resource Allocations, Network Security Analysis, Signal Processing on Graphs, Bio-Inspired Signal Processing, Wireless Communications, IoT.
Mr Ehsan Ahmadian Associate Lecturer
Festus Agbonzikilo
Prof Gurvinder Virk Visiting Professor
Dr Ibrahim Albayati Senior Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Power System Modelling, Demand Side Management, PEM Fuel Cell, UAVs
Mr James Buchan Visiting Researcher
Dr Jarek Grebenik Lecturer in Engineering
Miss Jen Smith Senior Administrator/PA
Dr John Henry Lonie Associate Lecturer
Dr Jonathan Griffiths Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Engineering applications of lasers, numerical modelling, signal processing, condition monitoring.
Prof Jun Peng Professor of Sustainable Energy Engineering
Dr Khaled Goher Senior Lecturer in Robotics & Automation / Programme Leader
Personal Care and Medical Robots, Assistive Technologies for Manipulation and Elderly Mobility, Prosthetic, Ethics of Assistive Medical Robots
Prof Lei Shu Hon Appointment Visiting Professor
Wireless Sensor Networks, Multimedia Communication, Middleware, Fault Diagnosis, and Security
Mrs Lobna ElFadali Associate Lecturer
Mr Mahdi Saleh Post Doctoral Research Associate in IoT Wireless Sensor Network
Mrs Mandy Goldson Administrator
Mr Mark Crampton Technician
Mr Michael Akers Associate Lecturer
Prof Mini C. Saaj Global Chair in Robotic Engineering
Mini's core expertise is in Robotics, Mechatronics, System Integration and Control Engineering. This includes but not limited to the following areas: Mathematical modeling, mechanism design, precise manipulation (rigid/flexible/modular robots), control of space robots for in-orbit assembly of large space telescopes, active debris removal (cooperative and uncooperative targets), satellite decommissioning, orbit maintenance and servicing (repair & refuelling) of satellites; mobility analysis of mobile robots, chassis design (wheeled, legged and hybrid) and control of planetary rovers, developing innovative soil sensors for rover-terrain interaction studies, Model-Based Systems Engineering, bio-robotics and soft medical robots.
Mr Mithun Poozhiyil Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Nick Tucker Associate Professor
Materials and manufacturing
Dr Nikola Chalashkanov Senior Lecturer in Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Dr Omer Argin Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Philip Staton Technician
Mr Qingwei Liu Research Fellow
Mr Richard Lambert Associate Lecturer
Prof Ronald Bickerton Industrial Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Dr Saket Srivastava Senior Lecturer
Emerging Nanoeletronic Devices, Reconfigurable Hardware Design, Internet of Things, Machine Learning.
Dr Samuel Cruz-Manzo Research Fellow
Fuel Cell System Modelling, Gas Turbine System Modelling, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, NiMH batteries, Lithium-ion batteries.
Mrs Sarai Dowding Associate Demonstrator
Dr Seongho Jin Senior Lecturer
Laser Diagnostics in Combustion and Fluid Flow, Combustion, Thermofluids, Energy System Analysis
Dr Sepehr Maleki Senior Lecturer
Novelty Detection, Changepoint Detection, Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Multidimensional Systems, FDI
Miss Shammi Rahman Associate Demonstrator
Mr Stephen Foster Associate Lecturer
Mr Stuart Mellor Visiting Researcher
Mr Tim Smith Senior Lecturer
Prof Timothy Gordon Professor of Vehicle Control Engineering
Vehicle Control Systems, Vehicle Dynamics, Active Safety, Collision Avoidance, Autonomous Systems including Self-driving cars
Dr Vili Panov Visiting Professor
Dynamic Modelling & Simulation, Model-Based Diagnostics & Prognostics, Control Methods & Protection Algorithms, Performance Monitoring & Health Management.
Ms Yangyan Gao Visiting Research Fellow
Mr Yuanhao Sun Visiting Researcher
Dr Yuli Yang Senior Lecturer in Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Yuli's research interest mainly lies in modelling, design, analysis and optimisation of wireless communication systems and networks, specifically on - Communication Theory and Information theory of wireless channels - Internet of things and multi-service heterogeneous networking - Physical layer security and cross-layer design - Full-duplex communications and network design - Cooperative communications and spectrum-sharing networks
Mr Zhiqiang Huo PhD Student
Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery, Middleware, Crowdsensing, Wireless Sensor Networks