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FdSc Logistics Management

Please note: This degree is a Work Based Distance Learning (WBDL) programme.

Key Information


18 to 24 months


Brayford Pool

Validation Status




Course Code


Welcome to FdSc Logistics Management

The FdSc Logistics Management degree provide civilian logistics specialists with the opportunity to enhance managerial and academic skills within their particular area of operational expertise.

Logistics underpins the ability to project the success of organisations. This capability must always ensure effectiveness and the attainment of organisational strategy, but must remain affordable in resource terms.

The University of Lincoln acknowledges that these requirements call for a high level of managerial underpinning and an associated level of academic expertise.

How You Study

A range of teaching and learning methods are used on the FdSc Logistics Management programme, central to this is Blackboard which is an online teaching and learning platform.

Teaching on the course is through a range of methods such as online sessions, directed reading and videos with the aim to facilitate a community of practice learners.

What You Need to Know

We want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision on where and what you want to study. To help you choose the course that’s right for you, we aim to bring to your attention all the important information you may need. Our What You Need to Know page offers detailed information on key areas including contact hours, assessment, optional modules, and additional costs.

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Teaching and Learning During Covid-19

Information for Offer Holders Joining Us in Autumn 2021

Letter from Head of Department of Management

We are delighted you are interested in joining us at the University of Lincoln and I am writing to let you know about our planning for the new academic year. You currently have an offer of a place at the University and we want to keep you updated so you can start preparing for your future, should you be successful in meeting any outstanding conditions of your offer.

We fully intend your experience with us at Lincoln to be engaging, supportive and academically challenging. We are determined to provide our students with a safe and exciting campus experience, ensuring you benefit from the best that both face-to-face and online teaching offer. We have kept our focus on friendliness and community spirit at Lincoln and we look forward to your participation in that community.

As you know, the UK Government has published its roadmap for the easing of Covid lockdown restrictions in England. There are still some uncertainties for universities around possible restrictions for the next academic year, particularly in relation to social distancing in large-group teaching. We are planning in line with government guidance for both face-to-face and online teaching to ensure you have a good campus experience and can complete all the requirements for your programme. We are fully prepared to adapt and flex our plans if changes in government regulations make this necessary during the year.

Face-to-face teaching and interaction with tutors and course mates are key to students’ learning and the broader student experience. Face-to-face sessions will be prioritised where it is most valuable, particularly for seminars, tutorials, workshops, practicals and lab sessions. Students tell us that there are real benefits to some elements of online learning within a blended approach, such as revisiting recorded materials and developing new digital skills and confidence. At Lincoln we aim to take forward the best aspects of both.

This letter sets out in detail various aspects of the planned experience at Lincoln for your chosen subject area, and we hope the information is helpful as you plan for your future.

Teaching and Learning

Within Lincoln International Business School (LIBS) we are planning to maximise face-to-face teaching for your seminars and for any module where numbers are small enough to run workshops and some lecture content safely. We also know that students have really valued being able to access our lectures remotely, you can learn anywhere but still engage in a live taught session, asking your lecturer questions in real time. You also don’t need to feel nervous asking a question out loud as you might in a large lecture theatre. These online sessions will also be recorded for you to replay or view later if you miss them. We will continue to record attendance for both face-to-face and remote events.

For our face-to-face events, you are likely to engage in group discussions, you might undertake exercises, practical demonstrations and give presentations from work you have prepared in advance for classes. These sessions are also flexible for you to ask questions of fellow students and your lecturers to help your learning. They are also a great way to make friends and maintain relationships with fellow students on your programme. We will continue to monitor the situation regarding Covid and take feedback from yourselves as students, always following government advice and direction, so our plans could see an increase in the face-to-face events we hold. We will, however, continue with some more blended and flexible provision so we maximise the number of students who can access as many of our learning events, anywhere and as often as possible.

The University Campus

We are very proud of our beautiful and vibrant campuses at the University of Lincoln and we have used our extensive indoor and outdoor spaces to provide students with access to study and social areas as well as learning resources and facilities, adapting them where necessary in line with government guidance. All the mitigations and safety measures you would expect are in place on our campuses (at Lincoln, Riseholme and Holbeach), such as hand sanitisers, one-way systems, and other social distancing measures where these are required.

Student Wellbeing and Support

The University’s Student Wellbeing Centre and Student Support Centre are fully open for face-to-face and online support. Should you, as one of our applicants, have any questions about coming to Lincoln in October or any other concerns, these specialist teams are here for you. You can contact Student Wellbeing and the Student Support Centre by visiting where service details and contact information are available, or if you are in Lincoln you can make an appointment to meet a member of the team.

To enable you to make the most out of your experience in Lincoln and to help you access course materials and other services, we recommend that you have a desktop, laptop or tablet device available during your studies. This will enable you to engage easily with our online learning platforms from your student accommodation or from home. Students can use IT equipment on campus in the Library, our learning lounges, and specialist academic areas; however, there may not always be a space free when you have a timetabled session or an assessment to complete which is why we recommend you have your own device too, if possible. If you are struggling to access IT equipment or reliable internet services, please contact ICT for technical support and Student Support who can assist you with further advice and information.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible start to university life and to helping you to prepare for your time with us. As part of this commitment, you can access our Student Life pre-arrival online support package. This collection of digital resources, advice and helpful tips created by current students is designed to help you prepare for the all-important first steps into higher education, enabling you to learn within a supportive community and to make the most of the new opportunities that the University of Lincoln provides. When you are ready, you can begin by going to

Students’ Union

Your Students’ Union is here to make sure that you get the most from every aspect of your student experience. They will be providing a huge range of in-person and virtual events and opportunities - you are sure to find something perfect for you! Meet people and find a new hobby by joining one of their 150 sports teams and societies. Grab lunch between teaching or a drink with friends in The Swan, Towers or The Barge. Learn new skills and boost your CV by taking part in training courses and volunteering opportunities in your spare time. Grab a bike from the Cycle Hire and explore the city you will be calling home.

To start off the new academic year, your Students’ Union will be bringing you The Official Lincoln Freshers Week 2021, with a huge line-up of social events, club nights, fayres and activities for you enjoy (restrictions permitting). Keep an eye on for line-up and ticket updates, so you don’t miss out.

Most importantly, your Students’ Union will always be there for you when you need it most; making sure that your voice as a student is always heard. The SU Advice Centre can provide independent advice and support on housing, finance, welfare and academic issues. As well as this, your Course Representatives are always on hand to make sure that you are getting the best from your academic experience. To find out more about the Students’ Union’s events, opportunities, support and how to get in contact go to:

Student Accommodation

Many applicants will choose to live in dedicated student accommodation on, or close to, campus and you may well have already booked your student residence for the upcoming year. All University-managed student accommodation will have our Residential Wardens in place. Residential Wardens are here to help you settle into your new accommodation and will be offering flatmate and residential support activities throughout the year. If you have booked University accommodation, you will have already heard from us with further details on where you will be living to help you prepare. If you have not yet booked your accommodation, we still have plenty of options available. In the meantime, lots of advice and information can be found on the accommodation pages of our website.

The information detailed in this letter will form part of your agreement with the University of Lincoln. If we do not hear from you to the contrary prior to enrolment, we will assume that you acknowledge and accept the information contained in this letter. Adaptations to how we work may have to be made in line with any future changes in government guidance, and we will communicate these with you as necessary. Please do review the University’s Admissions Terms and Conditions (in particular sections 8 and 9) and Student Complaints Procedure so you understand your rights and the agreement between the University and its students.

We very much hope this information is useful to help you plan for the next step in your academic journey, and we look forward to welcoming you here at Lincoln this Autumn. This is the start of a new phase and will be an exciting time for all of us. If you have any questions, please do email me at

Joanna Smith

Head of Department of Management

† Some courses may offer optional modules. The availability of optional modules may vary from year to year and will be subject to minimum student numbers being achieved. This means that the availability of specific optional modules cannot be guaranteed. Optional module selection may also be affected by staff availability.

Continuous Improvement in a Logistics Operation 2020-21LOG1002MLevel 42020-21CoreIntroduction to Distance Learning & Academic Writing 2020-21LOG1003MLevel 42020-21CoreIntroduction to Logistics & Supply Chain Management 2020-21LOG1004MLevel 42020-21CoreManaging People 2020-21LOG1005MLevel 42020-21CoreTeamwork & Motivation 2020-21LOG1006MLevel 42020-21CoreAdvanced Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2020-21LOG2006MLevel 52020-21This module is designed to build upon existing logistics and supply chain knowledge, key principles identified can be analysed and applied to the literature with a focus upon the transformational and competitive landscape that has become one of todays key business issues.CoreDeveloping Academic Writing & Associated Skills 2020-21LOG2007MLevel 52020-21The Developing Academic Writing and Associated Skills module aims to build on the Introduction to Distance Learning and Academic Writing module to equip students to respond to the requirements of distance learning study and to develop essential skills for work and career development. Moreover, it aims to provide and develop analytical skills to underpin all other modules and to support projects/problem-solving exercises whilst fostering life-long learning skills.CoreDeveloping as a Leader and Manager 2020-21LOG2008MLevel 52020-21This module is designed to provide you with an opportunity to explore the behavioural aspects of organisational life. The module provides a framework for the development of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in relation to others, and interpersonal and social processes as they impact on personal and organisational effectiveness. Furthermore, an introduction to the concepts of Transactional and Transformational Leadership enables you to develop a conceptual understanding that is grounded on personal experience.CoreWork Based Logistics Project 2020-21LOG2009MLevel 52020-21The skills required for the management and leadership of work-based projects can be transferable from the workplace to the academic arena. This module aims to link a work-based project to the achievement of academic learning outcomes and students negotiate with an appointed tutor where appropriate academic and practical targets and outcomes are agreed. Moreover, the student will also provide evidence to demonstrate how the selected project will meet with the modular demands and overall learning outcomes.Core

How you are assessed

The course and associated assessments are at final-year degree-level and applicants should be prepared to offer the commitment and dedication to produce work of an appropriate standard.

Throughout the programme assessment methods are designed to enable you to develop your potential, by considering the application of general theory to your specific working environment. Assessment strategies include reflection, essays, reports, portfolios and a PowerPoint presentation.

Fees and Scholarships

Going to university is a life-changing step and it's important to understand the costs involved and the funding options available before you start. A full breakdown of the fees associated with this programme can be found on our course fees pages.

Course Fees

For eligible undergraduate students going to university for the first time, scholarships and bursaries are available to help cover costs. The University of Lincoln offers a variety of merit-based and subject-specific bursaries and scholarships. For full details and information about eligibility, visit our scholarships and bursaries pages.

Course-Specific Additional Costs

Optional on-campus days may be available to you. Where these are optional students will normally (unless stated otherwise) be required to pay their own transportation, accommodation and meal costs.

With regards to text books, University of Lincoln provides students who enrol with a comprehensive reading list and our extensive library holds either material or virtual versions of the core texts that students are required to read. However, students may prefer to purchase some of these for themselves and will therefore be responsible for this cost.

Entry Requirements 2020-21

This is a final year foundation degree course with the first year being accredited through previous academic qualifications and/or relevant experience. Applicants should have a relevant Level 4 qualification such as a HNC, C&G Level 4 or similar.


Students may benefit from the following features of the course:

- Flexible: All of our awards are studied via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) so as long as you have access to a reliable internet connection, you should be able to study regardless of where you are in the world

- Transferable: Recognised professionally and academically

- Supported: One to one tutor advice and guidance throughout the programme

- Study Skills: Each degree has an integrated module aimed at equipping students with essential skills for study - ideal if this is your first experience of Higher Education, or you have been out of education for a while.

Career Opportunities

This programme is designed to help students advance their careers by furthering their management competence and general employability. The course can enable students to extend their skills, knowledge and perspective to provide them with opportunities for personal and career development.

Working in Partnership

Lincoln International Business School works with students and organisations to enhance the contribution of business to society. For students, that means developing their business skills and knowledge to improve their career readiness.

The University of Lincoln is a member of AACSB, a global nonprofit association connecting educators, students, and businesses to achieve a common goal: to create the next generation of great leaders. Find out more.

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The University intends to provide its courses as outlined in these pages, although the University may make changes in accordance with the Student Admissions Terms and Conditions.