The Student Advice Service

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The Advice Team is based in the Student Support Centre which is located in the Minerva Building (previously the Main Admin Building). The Advice Team is made up of experienced professional advisors offering a confidential, impartial service to all students at the University of Lincoln. They advise clients of their legal rights and responsibilities within many areas including:

  • Housing
    The Advice Team is here to help all students, new or returning, with any questions or concerns that they may have with their accommodation whilst studying at the University of Lincoln. For most first year students, this will be the first time you will sign a tenancy agreement. It is very important that you understand what your responsibilities are and, if things go wrong, what rights you have and where you can get help.
    Further information about housing
  • Debt
    Manage your money, don’t let money manage you. Our service is free and the Advice Workers have many years experience in dealing with issues that affect all students, both within and outside the University. All our Advice Workers have specialist knowledge, skills and experience in giving debt advice. Come and see us, we can help.
    Further information about debt
  • Welfare Benefits
    Most full-time students are not able to claim government benefits, but there are exceptions to this rule. If you have an ‘underlying entitlement to means-tested benefits’ (e.g. income support, housing benefit), you may be eligible to claim. If you want to discuss your circumstances, come and speak to us.
    Further information about welfare benefits
  • University Issues
    The Advice Team is available to advise students about their rights and responsibilities in relation to their university issues. We are impartial and provide a confidential service. If you are experiencing any difficulties relating to your studies we can discuss all the options available to you and explain what actions you may need to take. We can help you clarify any university regulations or procedures.
    Further information about university issues
  • Employment
    Whether you are working part time while studying, or thinking about future employment it is never too late to become familiar with your rights and responsibilities regarding employment contracts, rest periods, notice and lots more.
    Further information about employment

Contact Details

The Advice Team have regular drop-in sessions, dedicated face-to-face and telephone appointments. Currently, drop-in sessions happen Monday-Friday between 12pm-2pm in the Student Support Centre. During September drop-ins are usually extended please check the Advice Service web site for the latest information. To book an appointment you can email or you can book an appointment via the Student Support Centre, call 01522 837080, email or you can visit the reception desk.

The team also have an up-to-date website full of information and guidance plus you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook .

International Advice Team

The International Advice Team are the only people within the University of Lincoln who can legally provide immigration advice. 

The team advise international students of their rights and responsibilities within many areas, including Tier 4 visas, working whilst studying, bringing your family over to the UK, working after studying, Schengen visas for travelling in Europe and much more.  The team consists of experienced specialist immigration advisors.

For up-to-date information about Tier 4 Visas and other immigration areas, look at the detailed information on the International advice website. There are information guides, useful links and frequently asked questions.

If you need to extend your Tier 4 Visa you can attend a Tier 4 Visa Workshop. The workshops happen every Tuesday at 5:30pm in the Library room 101. The International Advice Team provides information and guidance about the application process and all the required supporting documents. Before you attend a workshop you must create an online account with the Home Office, you can learn how to do this here.

Contact Details

The International Advice Team has regular drop-in and information sessions plus Tier 4 Visa Workshops. Currently, information drop-in sessions happen Monday-Friday between 12pm-2pm in the Student Support Centre. They also have an extended immigration drop-in on a Tuesday between 10am-2pm. The Tier 4 Visa Workshops happen on a Tuesday at 5:30pm in the Library room 101 (you must create an online account with the Home Office before you attend this workshop.

From August to October these workshops happen more frequently, contact the International Advice Team for the latest information. For more information contact +44 (0) 1522 83 7495 or email