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Registration - January 2017

Please note: All students eligible for the January 2017 ceremonies will automatically receive an email alert when registration opens towards the end of October.

How to Register

To attend January 2017 Graduation ceremonies, you must register by completing our online registration process:

Registration for January 2017 ceremonies

You will need your student ID (first 3 letters of your surname followed by your 8 digit ID) and your date of birth. Please make a note of your login details, as you may need these for purchasing extra tickets in the future.

Online registration will allow you to register your place at the ceremony, book complementary guest tickets and additional items. Extra tickets may be made available after the initial registration deadline, please see Ticketing for further information.

A confirmation email will be sent during registration as proof of your booking. This email address will be used to send future correspondence regarding the ceremony so please ensure that you complete all parts of the registration process and check that your details are correct before submitting. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please log back-in and check your booking.

What if I can't attend?

If you do not wish to attend a graduation ceremony, proceed with the registration process so that we do not send you further graduation correspondence.

If you would like to attend a graduation ceremony but are unable to attend the one you are invited to, you can defer your place to the next ceremony available. Dates of future ceremonies will be posted on this site. Ceremonies usually take place in September and January each year.

Please note: attendance at graduation is subject to the successful completion of your award and payment of any outstanding tuition fees.

See our Graduation Terms & Conditions with regard to late registrations.