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It's Great to Keep in Touch

Reunions are a fantastic way to reconnect with old friends and reminisce about your time at the University of Lincoln. They can also provide an opportunity to expand your professional network or celebrate a milestone or anniversary. 

While it may not be possible to plan a reunion as normal due to Covid-19 restrictions, why not use this time to plan a future event?

Our Alumni team have extensive experience in organising alumni events and would be happy to help support you with any reunions you may be thinking about. They can offer advice on venue selection and ideas for different types of events, catering and accommodation, event promotion, or put you in touch with old coursemates.  

Please feel free to get in touch – even if you don’t need help with organising – we would be delighted to hear news or see photographs of your previous alumni gatherings!

Things to Consider When Planning a Reunion
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Form a Virtual Committee

Before you start planning, it’s a good idea to form an online committee and keep in touch via video call! It will make the planning process more enjoyable and also streamline workloads as each member will have a specific duty, such as treasurer, secretary, or promoter.  

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Decide the Type of Reunion

The type of event you plan to organise will have an impact on the cost and level of effort involved. There are many different types of reunions to consider such as an informal gathering with drinks and food, a festival theme with live music, or a more formal setting of a classic black-tie dinner.

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Select a Date, Time, and Venue

After Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and venues become available to book again, it’s important to choose a venue that is large enough to accommodate everyone on your guest list. When selecting the perfect space, think about décor, catering and alcohol licensing, or whether you’ll need to rent items such as tables and chairs.

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Decide a Budget

Set a realistic budget and decide on whether you will charge for tickets. Keep in mind that the more affordable tickets are, the more likely people are to attend. Some guests may need to factor in the cost of travel and accommodation if they live far away. 

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Create a Guest List

After Covid-19 limitations are over, think about planning your event at least six months in advance, with invitations sent no later than three months before the reunion. Would you prefer to invite people from your graduating year, your old cohort, or maybe a specific group such as people from your halls?

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Promote the Event

A well-promoted reunion will help to increase awareness for invitees. Our Alumni team would be happy to help to publicise your event by sharing the news on social media or including in an e-newsletter to specific recipients. Get in touch to see how we can help support your event. 

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Contact our Team

We understand that planning a reunion requires a lot of organisation. Our experienced Alumni team would be delighted to assist at any stage of the event planning, whether you need advice on venue location, catering, or invitations. you can find our contact details at the end of this page. 

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