Conflict and Disasters Research Group

Bringing Together Expertise

Our socio-legal and interdisciplinary group is led by academics with a passion for researching conflict and disaster situations. This research group facilitates interdisciplinary discussion and research within social sciences, life sciences, and the arts across the University of Lincoln and externally.

The group's mission is to provide research which enhances the mobility and restoration of people, communities, and international organisations in the wake of conflicts and disasters.


The 'narrating aerial warfare project' - an interdisciplinary investigation into the official narrative around the UK's involvement in the response to ISIS, considering how language and law are used to cultivate public knowledge of the conflict (Brookman-Byrne).

'Civilian Casualties from Airstrikes: Counting, Accounting, and Accountability' - an international collaboration, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, which investigates how civilian casualties are 'seen' by states and international law generally, how they are described or 'framed', and why accountability for civilian harm is predominantly unforthcoming (Brookman-Byrne with Dr Christiane Wilke (Carleton University, Canada)).

Name Position

Dr Amal Ali

Senior Lecturer in Law

Dr Max Brookman-Byrne

Senior Lecturer in Law

Dr Chloe Gilgan

Lecturer in Law

Dr Ben Hudson

Lecturer in Law (University of Exeter)

Dr James Heydon 

Associate Professor in Criminology (University of Nottingham)

Sheraz Ibrahim

PhD Researcher

Prof. Louis Kotze

Senior Professorial Fellow in Earth System Law

Tom Martin

Lecturer, Lincoln School of Film & Media

Dr Bonaventura Majolo

Reader in Psychology

Amber Smith

PhD Researcher

Dr Christy Shucksmith-Wesley

Assistant Professor (University of Nottingham)

Thomas Welch

PhD Researcher