Law and Society

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Understanding How Law Operates in Society

Lincoln's Law and Society Research Group facilitates research on cross cutting legal issues by developing our understanding of how law operates in a wider social and interdisciplinary context.

Our research is wide-ranging and includes environmental justice, international law, human rights, criminal justice and corporate and commercial law. Our researchers are renowned experts in their field and are engaged in projects that produce real world impacts on law, policy and practice. Group members are active in applying for funded projects and work collaboratively with local, national and international partners.

Law in the Anthropocene (French and Kotze)

Governance of Oceans in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (Barnes, Kirk and a number of PhD students)

The health and wellbeing of staff working in criminal justice settings (Harrison, Koula and colleagues from across the College of Social Science)

An evaluation of police training and education in Lincolnshire Police (Harrison and Holland)

Academic Staff


Dr Amal Ali

Senior Lecturer in Law

Dr Nkechi Azinge

Senior Lecturer in Law
Prof. Richard Barnes

Professor of International Law

Faye Bird

Lecturer in Law

Dr Max Brookman-Byrne

Senior Lecturer in Law

Prof. Duncan French

Pro Vice Chancellor / Head of College of Social Science

Dr Giovanna Frisso

Lecturer in Law

Dr Chloe Gilgan

Lecturer in Law

Louis Harman

Lecturer in Law

Prof. Karen Harrison

Professor of Law and Penal Justice

Dr Richard Hedlund

Senior Lecturer in Law

Rosemary Holland

PhD Researcher 

Dr Katie Hunt

Lecturer in Law 

Dr Nicolas Kang-Riou

Senior Lecturer in Law

Dr Alex Khoury

Senior Lecturer in Law

Prof. Elizabeth Kirk

Global Professor in Global Governance & Ecological Justice

Prof. Louis Kotze

Senior Professorial Fellow in Earth Systems Law

Dr Aikaterini Koula

Lecturer in Law

Dr Andra le Roux-Kemp

Associate Professor in Law

Dr Gabriel Lopez Porras

Research Fellow in Earth System Law

Dr Verity McCullag

Lecturer in Law

Dr Prejal Shah

Lecturer in Law

Dr Alessia Vacca

Lecturer in Law