Violence in Society Research Group

Our Research

The Violence in Society Research Group is comprised of academics and postgraduate students from across the University who are researching violence in its various forms. The group maintains a comprehensive approach to the study of violence to ensure recognition of its interpersonal, symbolic, and structural nature.

The causes of violence are diverse, requiring interdisciplinary collaboration to develop enhanced understanding. The group adopts an interdisciplinary approach to bring together different perspectives on violence and to work towards developing more effective responses to support victims and address perpetration.


While some recorded measures of violent crimes indicate a recent decline in the level of violence in some countries, such as the UK and USA, the United Nations states that the number of recorded homicides is increasing in some other parts of the world, while gender-based attacks are reportedly increasing globally. UNICEF found recently that considerable numbers of children and adolescents from across the globe are victims of violence or live with a mother who is a victim of intimate partner violence.

UNICEF states that experiencing violence undermines children’s sense of self-worth and hinders their development, while a substantial body of evidence links experiences of violence in childhood with a range of poor health outcomes in adulthood. The negative consequences of violence for the mental and physical wellbeing of those who are affected, directly and indirectly, are considerable and present a variety of challenges for health and justice services globally.  

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our research supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are an urgent call for action to tackle some of the world's most pressing problems, now and into the future.

Supporting Our Researchers

Through a series of regular activities, the group provides a supportive and collaborative environment for researchers. The University possesses a strong track record of conducting research on different forms of violence, including violence between and affecting young people, gender-based violence, suicide, and political violence.

The Violence in Society Research Group seeks to capitalise on the productive research relationships that exist across Schools at the University, providing a supportive, intellectually stimulating forum that allows researchers and postgraduate students to connect and collaborate.  

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