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Formal Agreement Signed to Develop Talent and Create Jobs
Published: 14th July 2021, 8:46am  (updated 14th July 2021, 11:23am)
Formal agreement signed to develop talent and create jobs A new partnership agreement has been signed that will help boost regional economic growth.

The University of Lincoln, UK and SRC UK have signed a mutually beneficial agreement to support their shared aspirations to develop regional talent, and in turn, create local jobs.

Defence is a key sector of strategic importance for the University and Local Industrial Strategy, intelligence mission data specialists SRC UK will provide essential opportunities for our students, the academic community and the region's workforce.

Having already worked  with the University  as a valued tenant in the Boole Technology Centre and other student-facing projects, renewed focus on this partnership will enable further collaborative working to include a wide range of opportunities such as teaching, scholarships, work experience, internships and placements.

Additional projects will include industry briefings and guest lectures, curriculum design and development, student projects, mentoring, research projects and consultancy services.

Professor Libby John, Pro Vice Chancellor and Head of the College of Science, said: "The College of Science is pleased to officially welcome SRC UK to the University of Lincoln's network of industry partners.

"We look forward to combining our academic expertise and exemplary student talent with SRC's impressive technological prowess and experience in the sector, to help further our region's opportunities for innovation, skills development and job creation."

The two organisations aim to develop a pipeline of talent for SRC UK, providing exciting career prospects for our students by building capability and capacity. The University will support the SRC in its continued growth, with its range of projects helping it to flourish within the region and bring benefit to the community.

Stephen Davies, SRC UK's Managing Director, said: "All of us at SRC UK are proud to announce our partnership with the University of Lincoln, working together to teach and develop the future of suitably qualified and proficient personnel through blended working practices.

"We are excited to be collaborating with the one of the top UK Universities on solving the ‘impossible' with bright minds and fresh thinking."

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