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University of Lincoln Joins the Global Movement and Declares a Climate Emergency
Published: 16th May 2019, 12:14pm
The world Climate change is the primary concern for young people across the world today and that concern is shared by our community at the University of Lincoln. The efforts of our young people has pushed climate change to the top of the news agenda and today the University of Lincoln is joining with other organisations and institutions across the world to declare a climate emergency.

This challenge must be taken seriously if, as a global community, this threat is to be confronted. The UK parliament wants this country to be at the vanguard of change and here at the University of Lincoln we are striving for our University to make a positive impact on this global challenge. We are working with our whole community, staff, students and the Studentsí Union together, to create and launch our manifesto for change setting out our ambitions and approach. We know there is a lot to do but we are already active in this area and our manifesto will mark a significant step-change across every aspect of our activities.
The University is developing leading climate change research. We are hosting a significant UK climate change conference this autumn here at Lincoln. In addition we are delivering a major national event for school children to explore issues of sustainability, conservation and climate.
The University is investing more in our research to help make a difference and to help us all to live more sustainably. We will be challenging ourselves and all of our staff and students to change for the better. We will invest and take action over the coming years to help transform our lives for the health of our planet. This will not be easy and we will not always get it right but it will, as it should in a University, be informed by research and science to help us make the best decisions.
By declaring a climate emergency we acknowledge the deep concerns of our students, our staff and future generations.

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