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26th February 2013, 11:05am
Lincoln commended for giving students a voice
Students at the University of Lincoln The University of Lincoln has been commended for the innovative way in which it gives students a voice in shaping how they learn.

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) awarded a commendation to the University for its enhancement of student learning opportunities.

The innovative Student as Producer project was highlighted by the QAA as the framework around which learning is systematically enhanced across the University.  This commendation forms part of a QAA report which was published this week (25 February 2013) following an institutional review visit in November 2012.

Professor Mike Neary, Dean of Teaching and Learning at the University of Lincoln, said: "It's great to get this commendation. It's an official recognition of the dynamic institutional environment that has been created to support student learning. The commendation validates our claim to be sector leading in teaching and learning."

The HEA-funded Student as Producer initiative aims to reconnect universities' core activities of teaching and research by encouraging students at all levels to view themselves as active producers of knowledge, rather than passive consumers. It is now the organising principle of teaching and learning across the University of Lincoln, among other things giving undergraduates opportunities to work alongside postgraduates and academics on real academic research.

The commendation was part of a set of positive judgements awarded to the University by the QAA. The team of reviewers who visited Lincoln judged that its academic standards and the quality of student learning experience it offers met UK expectations.

The review identified a number of other examples of good practice at the University. These included the way the University engages students at all levels in quality assurance and enhancement processes, and the 'Getting Started' information pack and services it offers new students.

The review also highlighted the use of the 'Lincoln Award' in recognising a range of extra-curricular activities undertaken by a significant and increasing number of students.

Anthony McClaran, QAA Chief Executive, said: "The University of Lincoln clearly demonstrated that it met the requirements of our review, particularly in the areas of student engagement and the recognition of extra-curricular activities."

Professor Mary Stuart, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lincoln, said: "We are delighted with the outcome of our institutional review. It not only confirms that we meet all UK expectations for quality and academic standards, but also recognises the strength of our educational provision and our commitment to supporting our students."

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