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16th March 2012, 12:38pm
New book outlines how counselling skills can be used in social work
A counselling session A new book by an academic from the University of Lincoln explains how social workers can make use of counselling skills to build strong relationships with service-users.

'Using Counselling Skills in Social Work' is written by Sally Riggall, Senior Lecturer in the University's School of Health and Social Care, and will be published by Learning Matters, an imprint of SAGE, on 25th April 2012.

The book explores how counselling techniques and principles can be applied effectively in a range of social work settings, including work with young people, families or people facing loss and bereavement.

As part of the Learning Matters' Transforming Social Work Practice series, it will be of interest to social work students, academics and practitioners.

Sally Riggall is an experienced, qualified counsellor who has worked previously with GPs' patients and local authority employees. Her research applies Egan's 'Skilled Helper' model to social work interventions and communication methods.

Sally said: "There is a good range of books available which explore the theoretical aspects of counselling and communication. However there are few texts which demonstrate how to use counselling skills in social work. Undergraduate students are often anxious about beginning their first practice placement and engaging with service-users. They have studied theories but are unsure how to put their knowledge into practice. For example, students might understand the importance of empathy without really knowing how to be empathic. They know the 'what' but don't know the 'how'.  This book will appeal to students who want a practical guide that will help them to actually engage with service-users and place them at the centre of decision making."

The book is a practical guide on how to build relationships and work with service-users. It includes detailed examples of how counselling skills can help social workers build strong relationships with clients, with practical examples, including excerpts of dialogue and analysis of interventions.

A key theme of each chapter is how counselling skills can help to encourage self-determination among service users and the importance of social work practitioners developing self-awareness.

The book 'Using Counselling Skills in Social Work' by Sally Riggall, published by Learning Matters, an imprint of SAGE, will be available to buy from 25th April 2012 (ISBN 9780857256294).

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