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18th November 2009, 12:38pm  (updated 18th November 2009, 12:44pm)
From a Roman aqueduct to penitent females: Uphill Lincoln book launched
uphill Lincoln The latest in a series of history books on Lincoln is being launched at St Mary's Guildhall on Lincoln's High Street, on Saturday 21 November 2009.

Uphill Lincoln is the seventh booklet in the Survey of Lincoln's neighbourhood history series and has been edited by Dr Andrew Walker, Head of the School of Humanities at the University of Lincoln.

It follows on from last year's volume which examined the history of Lincoln's West End.

This time the focus is on part of uphill Lincoln, specifically the area incorporating Burton Road, Newport and the Ermine estate. The work comprises a series of short chapters exploring aspects of the district's history ranging from Roman times to the present, examining the material fabric of the city - its buildings and structures.

The current volume includes chapters looking at a Roman aqueduct, housing, places of worship, sites of education and workplaces, together with a variety of institutions - ranging from barracks and the workhouse to a home for penitent females.

Dr Walker said: “It's been a great pleasure to edit this volume, working with a wide variety of experts interested in the history of the city. These have included archaeologists, planners, local historians and social scientists.

“There are a significant number of photographs of the neighbourhood as it is in 2009, which act as interesting counterpoints to the historic images of the area which are also incorporated in the volume.”

The booklet will be launched on Saturday 21 November at 9.30 in St Mary's Guildhall, High Street, Lincoln at an open meeting of the Survey of Lincoln. It will then be available in all good book shops in the city for £5.95 from the following week.

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