31st May 2000




Designers must be business-minded as well as creative, according to academics at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside who are running a course to help local designers manage their projects in a competitive world.


The ‘Running a Design Practice at a Profit’ one-day event will demonstrate how building designers can make a profit from their work as well as gaining satisfaction from contributing to the heritage of future.


“It is essential that designers operate their practices at a profit if they are to survive,” said Derek Cottrell, Head of Architecture at the George Street campus. “Creative practice is only possible if you stay in business.  Increased competition and clients increasingly willing to resort to litigation if they are dissatisfied mean successful designers have to be effective business managers too.”


The course offers a pragmatic approach to the management of design practices with the objective of identifying how costs can be reduced and income increased.  


“In the face of change, if designers are to survive, they must change faster than the rate of change that is occurring,” said Mr Cottrell.


The course will take place on Wednesday 5th July at the School of Architecture. Cost is £150 per delegate, call Michelene Baker on 01482 440550.




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