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Why do we gamble? Psychologist to lead new research centre examining gambling’s appeal and problems
A psychologist specialising in the study of why people gamble will lead a new research centre dedicated to examining the topic at the University of Lincoln, UK.
Published: 2nd September 2014, 9:06am
Mum’s hormones could make female magpie chicks more adventurous
Female magpies have been shown to be more adventurous than their male siblings, according to new research.
Published: 2nd September 2014, 8:33am
Art up close: new exhibition reveals power in detail
An eclectic exhibition which invites audiences to scrutinise the finer details in the work of more than 100 international artists will travel from Bangkok to open in London this September, before showing in Lincoln later in the year.
Published: 1st September 2014, 9:11am
Students and stars to celebrate Lincoln graduation
The Oscar-winning creator of Downton Abbey, a pioneering entrepreneur and philanthropist, a world record-breaking singer and a leading legal commentator will join thousands of students from the University of Lincoln when they graduate this September.
Published: 29th August 2014, 9:53am
Lincoln YouTube stars go live on BBC Radio 1
They have millions of online followers, their films dominate YouTube, and now three University of Lincoln alumni will take to the airwaves as guest presenters for one of the UK’s biggest radio stations.
Published: 27th August 2014, 1:01pm
Lincoln scientist to deliver Charles Darwin Award Lecture
An expert in animal welfare will illustrate how mathematics can help us better understand the complex and sometimes bizarre behaviour of pets, livestock and wildlife after she was chosen to deliver one of Britain’s most prestigious public lectures.
Published: 21st August 2014, 8:49am
Experts on new Channel 4 series delving into dog behaviour
Animal behaviour and psychology experts from the University of Lincoln, UK, will feature on the new Channel 4 series, Dogs: Their Secret Lives.
Published: 20th August 2014, 8:41am
Top para-cyclist to get expert help from University of Lincoln
One of Europe’s top para-cyclists will prepare for her Rio 2016 Paralympic bid with expert support from sport scientists at the University of Lincoln, UK.
Published: 19th August 2014, 12:18pm
Intelligent navigation system to personalise shopping trips
A ground-breaking indoor navigation system is being developed to help improve people’s experiences of a range of businesses, including supermarkets, hospitals and leisure parks.
Published: 19th August 2014, 11:33am
Bringing a youth voice to politics
A one-day workshop exploring how young people can play a more active role in politics will take place at the University of Lincoln next month.
Published: 18th August 2014, 1:27pm
Global workshop sees Lincoln filmmakers shine a spotlight on Chinese culture
Filmmakers from the University of Lincoln have returned from an international workshop in China where they produced a series of short films which will be shown around the world.
Published: 18th August 2014, 9:42am