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BBC Radio 4 producers to speak at Academic Archers 2017
Almost 150 fans of The Archers will come together at the University of Lincoln, UK, this weekend (Friday 17th and Saturday 18th February) to hear from academics from across the UK as they shed light on the people, places and plot-lines of the cult Ra
Published: 9th January 2017, 2:41pm  (updated 17th February 2017, 12:37pm)
Scholarships awarded to celebrate academic excellence
The academic achievements of new students at the University of Lincoln, UK, has been recognised with the presentation of a series of prestigious scholarship awards.
Published: 14th February 2017, 10:25am
Graduate trainees taste the future of food manufacturing
Rising stars of the food industry saw and tasted the future when they visited the University of Lincoln’s National Centre for Food Manufacturing (NCFM) as part of their graduate development progr...
Published: 8th February 2017, 2:59pm
British Council Alumni Awards showcase Lincoln’s global graduate success
The international success of two graduates of the University of Lincoln, UK, has been recognised as they are named finalists in the British Council Alumni Awards 2017.
Published: 7th February 2017, 12:09pm
Geography professor to lead international climate change research at Lincoln
An internationally-renowned expert in climate science and meteorology has joined the University of Lincoln, UK, where he will lead multi-national research projects examining the effects of climate change on our weather systems and global landscapes.
Published: 6th February 2017, 1:48pm
Animals retain long-term memory of the biggest and best sources of food
New research shows that red-footed tortoises can remember the location of their favourite food sources and the biggest stashes for at least 18 months.
Published: 1st February 2017, 10:11am
Scientists move step closer to developing major new drug in fight against antimicrobial resistance
Scientists have for the first time determined the molecular structure of a new antibiotic which could hold the key to tackling drug resistant bacteria.
Published: 31st January 2017, 11:25am
Agri-tech goes intergalactic at Riseholme
The Riseholme Campus of the University of Lincoln has joined the UK’s national network of monitoring stations measuring intergalactic cosmic rays to provide farmers and agri-tech researchers with near real-time data on soil moisture levels.
Published: 26th January 2017, 9:24am
20 years and counting: University celebrates long-serving staff
Almost 100 dedicated members of staff who have each worked at the University of Lincoln for more than 20 years have had their loyalty recognised with long service awards. In total 91 members of academic and professional services staff receive...
Published: 25th January 2017, 10:35am
Information evening for parents on applying to university
Parents and carers are being invited to join the University of Lincoln for a special information evening about how to support and advise children applying to university.
Published: 17th January 2017, 11:25am
Students celebrate university success at graduation
The start of 2017 has seen the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of hundreds of University of Lincoln students when they graduated at Lincoln Cathedral this week.
Published: 17th January 2017, 9:37am