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10th June 2014, 1:04pm  (updated 10th June 2014, 1:05pm)
Africa in focus at research forum’s first symposium
Human rights, infrastructure and natural resources across Africa will be discussed by leading UK aca Human rights, infrastructure and natural resources across Africa will be discussed by leading UK academics at a symposium later this month.

The event, Governance in Africa: A One-Day Symposium, is the first major conference to be organised by the University of Lincoln’s Africa Research Forum.  It will focus on a range of issues, starting with Africa’s role in the International Criminal Court and human rights.

Further talks will examine bioethics in Kenya and South Africa, international justice, and Chinese management practices in Africa, while Dr Gina Porter from Durham University will look at transport services and mobile phones in rural Africa.

Also due to be examined is reconstruction work carried out by Oxfam in South Sudan, along with the governance of natural resources, control of energy and mining markets in Sub-Sahara Africa, and water harvesting technologies.

The symposium will take place between 9am and 4pm on 27th June 2014 in the David Chiddick Building on the University of Lincoln’s Brayford Pool campus.

Professor Heather Hughes from the Lincoln School of Business has helped to organise the event. She said: “The main goal is to focus attention on governance, which can be a key issue across many African countries today.

“When the pace of change speeds up, new economic opportunities emerge – for example in the energy sector. The continent also features increasingly in China’s economic strategies, so it’s important for us to understand those relationships.

“At the University of Lincoln, we have researchers at the leading edge of investigations into such issues. We want to both showcase what we do, and to offer a platform for fellow researchers from across the UK with similar interests.”

Speakers include leading academics from across the University of Lincoln’s College of Social Science, as well as other UK institutions including Durham University, Nottingham Trent University, Queen’s University Belfast, and Newcastle University.

The symposium is free to attend and is open to everyone. Participants must register in advance by no later than Friday 13th June 2014. Email David Rugara on with your full name (including title) and institutional affiliation.

For further information about the event, including a full list of speakers and topics covered, contact Heather Hughes on

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