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25th July 2013, 9:10am
Professor’s latest book investigates crisis facing local media
Professor Richard Lance Keeble The crisis facing local media is the subject of the latest book from Professor Richard Lance Keeble from the University of Lincoln’s School of Journalism.

'What Do We Mean By Local? The Rise, Fall – and Possible Rise Again – of Local Journalism', jointly edited with John Mair, carries contributions from 41 leading journalists and academics.

These include former editor of the Guardian, Peter Preston, past President of the Newspaper Society and Guild of British Newspaper Editors, Chris Oakley CBE, and Professor at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Richard Tait CBE.

In the book, which will be published in October 2013, the various contributors explore the industry that Professor Keeble explains is too often marginalised in the dominant public and academic debates.

Professor Keeble, Acting Head of the Lincoln School of Journalism, said: “Ten years ago a text like this, bringing together the work of academics and journalists, would not have appeared. But now the academy and practising journalists – both mainstream and alternative – are working together in many ways to confront the complex issues facing the industry.

“Moreover, the publishing model that John Mair and I have been following here, and over our eight other recent texts, has allowed for authoritative and bang-up-to-date coverage of a wide range of topics, such as the ‘Arab Spring’, investigative journalism and the impact of the internet on news.”

The study places the UK industry within a broader historical and international context to provide a comprehensive overview of the field of local journalism.

Jay Rosen, of New York University, contributes a chapter advocating the “100 per cent solution” for innovation in news, while Matthew Engel, Financial Times columnist, looks back nostalgically at what he describes as the ‘golden age of evening newspapers’.

In the section on local broadcast journalism, Barnie Choudhury, Principal Lecturer at the Lincoln School of Journalism, and Andrew David, Managing Editor of university-based community radio station Siren FM, also contribute chapters.

While investigating the factors behind the recent slumps in circulation and job losses at local newspapers, the book also examines the rise of hyper-local outlets throughout the country, and the role citizen journalists can play in these new ventures.

'What Do We Mean By Local?' will be published on 10th October 2013. To accompany the launch, Professor Roy Greenslade, of City University, will on the same day chair a panel at a special meeting of the Media Society in London, exploring issues raised in the book.

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