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4th July 2012, 3:57pm
Indian students' visit to re-ignite nations’ architectural ties
University of Lincoln's Architecture building More than 30 Indian architecture students are visiting the University of Lincoln this week, in a trip set to revisit historic ties between the architectural histories of India and Britain and inspire further partnerships.

Manish Mandhar, Architecture Programme Leader at the University, said setting the inaugural Rethinking Architecture Summer School in Lincoln is attractive given the city’s historic architectural status.

“Architecture today is considered by many architects, academics, built environment professionals and society at large to be on a crossroads and intensive weeks like Rethinking Architecture are vital to ensure appropriate architectural outcomes for transforming cities or regions globally,” he said.

Derek Cottrell, the Head of Lincoln School of Architecture said the agenda of the summer school - based on issues of urban design, architecture and sustainability in the context of globalisation - is highly relevant to the challenges international architects face today. The intensive programme of the summer school will encourage an exploration of best practice in transforming cities around the world.

President of the Council of Architecture in India, Professor K. B. Mohapatra, said the Rethinking Architecture Summer School based at the University of Lincoln is an important step towards strengthening ties between the two nations.

“British and Indian architects have been working together for more than 150 years – since the first school of architecture in Asia was established in Mumbai - and some of the buildings that still remain in India are memories of those old ties. Even today British architecture influences middle-class housing schemes in Modern India,” he said.

“Revisiting these ties in the 21st century could lead to great feats in architecture.”

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