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13th April 2012, 1:21pm
Lincoln academic to advise European Commission
Barry Turner University of Lincoln School of Journalism Senior Lecturer, Barry Turner, has been appointed to a legal think tank formed to assist in the harmonizing of judicial expert procedures in member states of the European Union.

The European Expertise and Expert Institute (EEEI) combines 30 senior judges of courts of appeal, 15 registered lawyers to 15 bars, 14 associations and three university academic lawyers.

The mission of the institute reflects a priority area for the European Commission in promoting the Elimination of obstacles to the proper functioning of justice in cross-border procedures.

Barry Turner said the Institution is important because members of the institute include European Appeal Court judges.  

“We are advising the European Commission on very important cross jurisdictional evidence matters as part of the harmonising of criminal law in the EU.  The recommendations will form part of a legal white paper to be considered by the Commission for new law in Europe.” he said. “I am glad to be part of this important legislative process.”

Barry, who is an expert in the reporting of health issues, medical ethics and law, has also been giving evidence to the Leveson Inquiry.

The European Expertise and Expert Institute was founded in November 2006 to analyse the increasingly important role of expertise in contemporary society.

For more information about the EEEI go to:

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