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9th August 2011, 3:10pm
Business leaders on the couch in new workplace psychology course
A stressed employee The psychological sticking points which can manifest in missed deadlines, cut corners or personal feuds in the workplace will be dissected in a cutting-edge new short course at the University of Lincoln.

From the obsessive box-ticker who is always first to clock off, to the stressed-out perfectionist who can never hit a deadline, there are psychological roots to many of the workforce problems facing under-pressure employers.

'Being Effective' is a new one-day experiential workshop developed by the University of Lincoln's School of Psychology which aims to give managers from any sphere of business a greater insight into the mental barriers which can undermine peopleís performance at work Ė including their own.

Drawing from the very latest psychology research into effectiveness and leadership tensions, it will present a vivid picture of how individual character traits can lead to 'blocks' which prevent the job getting done properly.

The course encourages managers to reflect on their own personalities and management styles and consider how these influence employees' behaviour. It also shows how successful leaders are able to think clearly and deliver results in high-pressure situations.

The content incorporates the most up-to-date thinking in fields such as body psychotherapy, character strategy and personal construct theory. It therefore allows delegates a rare chance to glimpse the underlying and often unspoken psychological dynamics that influence behaviour in the workplace.

The course has been developed by Dr Roger Bretherton, senior lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln and a leading academic researcher in experiential psychotherapy.

Dr Bretherton said: "The course takes a fresh approach to the notion of effectiveness. Itís designed to get people thinking about what makes us who we are, how we behave and the different lenses we use to view the world.
"We start by looking at the psychology behind the effective process, and why finding the time to size up a task or take stock afterwards is just as important as doing the job itself.
"We then consider where things commonly go wrong, introducing four major blocks to the effective process. This involves taking a really deep delve into the character dynamics that often underlie a problem in the workplace.
"Finally we look at how best to tackle these common obstacles in a positive fashion. That could mean managers re-evaluating how their own behaviour impacts on colleagues, or how to shape an all-important conversation with their staff."

The one-day experiential workshop 'Being Effective: Overcoming the major blocks to effectiveness at work' will be held at the Lincolnshire Leadership and Management Centre (LLMC) on the University of Lincoln's Brayford Pool Campus on Thursday 15th September 2011. The course fee is £345 per person, including VAT.

For more information or to book a place, email: or phone 01522 886188.

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