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28th January 2011, 4:22pm
Student to launch second novel at own publishing house
Ben Atkinson signing copies of Walking on Cinders A student from the University of Lincoln who created his own publishing company is set to publish his second novel.

BA (Hons) Media Production student Ben Atkinson (19) wrote his first novel at the age of 16. It was entitled The Kraken’s Curse and sold around 300 copies. He is now well on his way to publishing his second novel, Walking on Cinders.

Ben, who is originally from Melton Mowbray, had his first novel published in 2008. That story follows the character of Arthur Boston as he tries to solve the mystery of his father’s recent disappearance. His second novel is based in the future and follows three soldiers and a forces sweetheart named Miss Marmalade as they fight in the closing days of a war and aim to bring peace to Europe.

When Ben wrote The Kraken’s Curse he contacted a number of publishing houses and agents with his work but was turned down because of his young age and lack of experience.

It was then that he decided to approach the business manager at his high school, King Edward VII in Melton Mowbray, who along with the school governors offered him the funding to set up his own publishing company, King Edward VII Press. It currently prints all copies of Ben’s two novels with the hope of branching out to other authors in the future.

Whilst promoting Walking on Cinders, Ben decided to set himself the task of selling 1,000 books.

“Someone mentioned that 1,000 books was the sales number at which publishing houses and agents would be interested in signing you,” explained Ben.

“To draw purchasers in, we published 1,000 first editions. Anyone who buys a copy is added to a unique purchasers list and receives a special downloadable certificate,” said Ben.

To promote his new novel he has used a blog and website to draw potential readers in. This also provides an area for people to buy the book and offer readers extra information about the characters.

Ben said: “It feels great to know that my work is out there and that people are enjoying it. As a writer, I think you have the most respect for people who read your work and enjoy it - it’s the best feeling.”

He will be spending most of 2011 studying and promoting Walking on Cinders. After graduating in 2013, Ben hopes to carry on his writing and already has ideas for a third novel.

For anyone that feels they would like to go into writing Ben says: “Go for it! That’s really the best advice I can give. First concentrate on what you want to write, get the story set out and the characters well developed. It might take some considerable investment and the rewards won’t come quickly but you’ll receive them in the end.”

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