7th August 2008


Lincoln postgraduate wins at Hopper Colloquium


University of Lincoln Computer Vision researcher Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Massey has won a national competition which highlighted her vital research into the leading cause of blindness in diabetics.


In 2006 the Yorkshire and Humberside Public Health Observatory put the national cost of diabetes to the UK at £561 million. Early detection of Diabetic Retinopathy is the key and more than 30,000 people in Lincolnshire are annually screened to see if they have indicators of the disease in their eyes.


The difficult job of searching for lesions in the eye is currently carried out by humans but Beth is developing mathematical models and building a computerised screening tool which would help expand the range of lesion detection, and which could ultimately be used for fully automated screening.


Now a poster summary of Beth’s work has won first prize in the London Hopper Colloquium – a forum for women computer science researchers to come together to exchange ideas, form new collaborations, and gain awareness of the network of women conducting research in computer science.


The poster competition is a chance for PhD and postdoctoral researchers to present their work. Beth’s prize was sponsored by Google, and ranked her submission as ‘best poster’ for its excellence in content and presentation.


Beth said:  “Preparing for this competition was a great experience.  I would like to thank the University of Lincoln’s Professor Andrew Hunter and Mr. Bashir Al-Diri for their inputs and guidance.”


The London Hopper Colloquium is a UK version of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing – a tribute to Admiral Grace Murray Hopper. Admiral Hopper was the pioneer of the computer business language COBOL. She inspired many young US Naval computing students during her heyday and still continues to inspire computer scientists around the world many years after her death.



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