9 April 2008


St Johnís Ambulance Event


The University of Lincoln is to host a regional St Johnís Ambulance event on Sunday 19 April.


The event involves more than 40 local and regional St Johnís Ambulance teams competing against each other to get to the national finals with the chance to win a trophy in either care or first aid.


The teams are split into three categories; badgers (5-10 year olds), cadets (10-16 year olds) and adult members.


The teams will be assessed on a range of activities including first aid, care and ambulance work.


The University of Lincolnís own St Johnís Ambulance team will be helping out at the event, acting as stewards, time keepers and acting as casualties.


The event will take place at the Brayford Pool Campus in the Media Humanities and Computing building. The free event is open to the public from 12pm-4pm.


Paul Linsley, Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care, said: ďThis event demonstrates true collaboration with the wider community. I think the University is a great setting for it.Ē


Special guest Labour MP for Lincoln and Minister in the Department for International Development, Gillian Merron, will also attend the event.



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