16th November 2007


Will Spielberg be praised or criticised?


A conference dedicated to the work of Steven Spielberg will take place at the University of Lincoln next week.


Fans and critics of the director are invited to attend the conference entitled Spielberg at Sixty, International Conference. It will take place from 20 - 21 November 2007.


During the last year, three new books have been written about Spielberg’s work: Directed by Steven Spielberg: Poetics of the Contemporary Hollywood Blockbuster by Warren Buckland, Citizen Spielberg by Lester D. Friedman and The Cinema of Spielberg: Empire of Light by Nigel Morris.


These three authors have combined forces to convene an international conference aimed at bringing together scholars to debate the significance of Spielberg’s work.

"Remarkably, this appears to be the first conference of its kind," said Nigel Morris, Principal Lecturer in Media Production at the University of Lincoln.


"Despite Spielberg's phenomenal commercial success and his centrality in the modern cultural landscape, there is still a tendency to dismiss him as a feel-good sentimentalist or just a children's director or to set him up as a hate figure who embodies everything that is wrong with America.


“We are looking forward to a grown-up debate about all of this. We're going to take a long, hard look at Spielberg's work from various angles and try to establish how the films work and why they might be important."


Earlier in the year fans and critics of Spielberg were invited to submit papers about his work, a number of them will speak at the conference along with four keynote speakers.


Also participating in the event is one of Britain's best-known film critics, Mark Kermode, who interviewed Spielberg last year for BBC2's Culture Show.


For further information or to book a place on the conference please visit www.lincoln.ac.uk/conferences



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