13th August 2007




The new academic year starts in a few weeks and you still havenít got a place at university. It sounds like a daunting prospect but it neednít be - hereís some good advice for students hoping to go to university in September who have yet to secure a place:


            When you get your grades, contact your chosen university to see if they will still accept you. If you have narrowly missed out on your grades they may still have a place. Do the same with your insurance offer. Have your UCAS Application Number ready.


            If that doesnít work but you still want a university place you will need to enter Clearing. If you are in the UCAS system you will automatically receive a Clearing Passport from UCAS. You can ring around institutions before you get your passport but you will not be able to confirm your place without it.


            If you have not already applied to UCAS, but you want to go to university, complete a UCAS form online at www.ucas.com as soon as possible.


            Look at the courses being offered by the various institutions and make a list of courses with vacancies which interest you. Lists of courses with vacancies will appear in the national media - try The Independent, Teletext or Ceefax.


            Telephone the institutions you are interested in and ask for an admissions tutor or a course leader. Make sure you have a note of the course title and UCAS number. Preparation is vital so think ahead and anticipate the sort of questions you will be asked, such as why you want to do the course.


            Always keep a note of your phone conversations so that you know who has said or offered what. If the university makes you a firm offer over the phone, and you want to accept it, send them your Clearing Passport as soon as possible. Without it you cannot be fully accepted. If they make you an offer in writing you should accept it, in writing, as soon as possible.


            If they donít make you an offer, donít worry Ė there are plenty more universities out there. If you really canít find the university place you want try a foundation course or a different course at HND level, think about retaking your exams or take a year out to do something that gives you the edge for next year.


For more information contact: Sophie Gayler, Communications Officer

01522 886042†††††††††††††††††††††††† sgayler@lincoln.ac.uk