25th June 2007




A former University of Lincoln student scored a goal for Ireland at the European Deaf Football Championships last week.


Bryan Moore is a key member of the Ireland Deaf football team. Bryan scored a spectacular goal for Ireland but despite the teams’ effort they were knocked out of the semi-finals by Great Britain, losing 3-1.


Bryan graduated from the University of Lincoln with a Diploma of Higher Education in Architecture in January 2007. Whilst at university he played for the university’s football 1st team.


“Not being able to hear the referee or your manager and not being able to hear your team mates during play makes deaf football. Normal rules apply to the game but we are not allowed to wear hearing aids on the pitch,” said Bryan.


“Communication wise, we still talk to each other but we have to be more perceptive and know where everyone is on the pitch. The coach communicates with us by means of sign language.


“We don’t do anything different from hearing teams except whip them on the pitch!”


To find out more about the tournament visit www.deafsports-edso.eu/sports/football/index.php



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