27th March 2007




A University of Lincoln lecturer has set up a charity to help stop hunger in his home country Nigeria, where over 60 million people live in poverty; many of those are chronically hungry. The launch of the charity kicks off with the ‘sponsor an acre of land’ campaign.


Shepherd Food Ministries (SFM) was set up by Dr Ola Ogunyemi, a Senior Lecturer in Journalism and President of SFM, to eliminate chronic hunger, reduce preventable diseases and empower people through education. Dr Ogunyemi left Nigeria over 20 years ago but many of his family still remain in the country.


The ‘sponsor an acre of land’ campaign aims to acquire 1000 acres of land at the cost of £150 per acre, so that SFM can grow the food they donate to their beneficiaries thus responding to the food crisis in Nigeria and creating much needed jobs.


SFM is working closely with multi-faith religious organisations to help widows, orphans, the elderly and single parents in rural and urban areas of Nigeria.


SFM is appealing for help from religious organisations, the business community and governments around the world. Experts in food preservation, nutritionists and doctors are also desperately needed by SFM.


A special dedication service for SFM was held by Pastor Reverend Andrew Hubbard at Lincoln Baptist Church earlier this month.


Dr Ogunyemi said: "The initiative to start SFM began in Lincolnshire. Therefore, SFM will name a street on its site ‘Lincolnshire Avenue’ in appreciation of the support it received from the people of Lincolnshire". 


Information about the charity can be found at www.shepherdsfood.org.uk or for further information contact Dr Ogunyemi on 01522 705532 or email oogunyemi@lincoln.ac.uk . Reverend Hubbard may be contacted on 01522 575745.


Anyone interested in making a donation can send a cheque made payable to ‘Lincoln Baptist Church’ including their name and address on the reverse to SFM, 311 Pershore Way, Doddington Park, Lincoln, LN6 0FS.


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